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by Felicia on Kishan’s Clinic
long standing headaches and body/joint pain

After suffering from long standing headaches and body/joint pain and done full circle with a holistic approach I tried something new. Homeopathic medicine & Psycic surgery....I stumbled across Kishans page in total desperation as my pain levels were sky high. My first treatment was totally amazing. The sensation and energy was very profound as if something was being "removed" from around my head and abdominal area. The whole experience was very relaxing, which in it's self Was therapeutic. I have and will still continue to have as and when healing with Kishan who is a very compassionate soul �

by Olivia on Kishan’s Clinic
Eczema all my life improved & feeling me again

Kishan is truly amazing at what he does. He is so passionate about helping and curing others. I had been seeing Kishan for approximately 4 months and I can honestly say that he has completely changed my outlook on life. Kishan has totally helped me with my moods and helped me tremendously with my ecsema. I have large patches of ecsema all over my arms, back and chest, and while seeing Kishan, he explained to me that not only is it a skin problem, but it’s an internal problem that is due to how you feel. A month or two after finishing my sessions with Kishan, I am feeling so happy and content, and with my ecsema drastically improved. Although I’ve only known Kishan for a relitavley short time, I can honestly say that he has changed my outlook on life and my overall happiness. He is an amazing healer, and you really end up forming such a bond with him. I highly recommend Kishan to everyone!! Words cannot describe this man and his talent.

by Sophie P on Kishan’s Clinic
Emotional Healing

Words cannot express how much Kishan has helped me over the seven months. When I first saw him I was lacking in confidence and suffering with anxiety, low self-esteem and overthinking. Through his healing and caring nature he’s literally changed me as a person. I’ve found myself dealing with challenges in a completely different way. I feel calmer and confident that I can handle anything life throws at me with balance and objectivity I lacked previously. My immune system has improved and I have found I can clear myself of illnesses so much quicker and without the need for prescribed medication. I feel healthier, more positive and happier with who I am. Most importantly, he has made me realise that everything in life happens for a reason. Being treated by Kishan has been one of the greatest things I have ever done and I’ll be forever thankful.

by Jules on Kishan’s Clinic
Stress, Low Confident and Anxiety

I’ve been having treatment from Kishan for over 3months. My husband and I can’t thank him enough. I have been suffering from stress and confidence issues for years. After just 1 visit I felt a big change in myself. My memory was becoming clearer and the stress levels halved within 3 sessions. My treatment is still on going but I can honestly say I look at life in a totally different light. After each session you leave with a smile. I strongly recommend Kishan.

by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
Purdy's our Cat with Naughty habits healed.

I rehomed 2 cats from a colleague 2 months ago. One of the cats Purdy has been going to the toilet on the sofa a couple of times.I asked her previous owner if there was any previous bladder issues, and there was not. We cleaned the litter more often and still there was no improvement.So it appeared Purdy was showing she was not happy.I called Kishan and asked if he could connect to Purdy to find out what I could do to help her settle.He agreed straight away and started with a great reading getting her Princess attitude spot on. He also explained that she did not like us picking her up, as she likes to be in control. Which we tend to do quite a bit, along with her anxiety of the change this has formed the new habit and can't be bothered attitude. Kishan also gave me knowledge of some remedies on request that I chose to try that worked wonders to.It was wonderful to find out how she was feeling and what we could do to help her settle in our home more and stop her naughty habit before we have to get another new sofa!Purdy has also improved since Kishan connected with her. There has been far more less accidents and she seems more peacefully and loving in her eyes rather than angry.I highly recommend Kishan for healing for animals and us humans (I recieve an amazining psychic Surgery healing from Kishan 2 and half years ago after an accident) He is very intuitive, extremely helpful and kind. Also The flow of healing he channels is very poweful!

by Julie Dobson on Kishan’s Clinic
Awesome healing for my husband with Necrotising fasciitis in ICU

I have received treatment from Kishan myself over the last year or so but recently my husband was critical, on life support in ICU and I asked Kishan for help. Not only did he do numerous distance healings but also charged a beautiful crystal for us and then came to ICU to do more healing. My husband found it very beneficial and relaxing and has since moved out of ICU. He is now awaiting further treatment for substantial tissue loss due to a rare condition called necrotising fasciitis but we are hopeful that Kishan will continue to help with his healing when this has been completed. We are all extremely grateful for not only the treatment and healing, but also his kindness.

by Lee and Leanne Langly on Kishan’s Clinic

My son Rhys was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 4 (now 8yrs) . For months after the diagnosis Rhys continued to suffer with a barking type cough symptom that would leave him struggling to catch his breath in between coughing. Despite numerous gp appointments and asthma clinics for advice and medication we could never control his asthma to a healthy place. Rhys has even had two hospital admissions throughout this time and still no one could control it to the point he wouldn't have a daily cough. We have known Kishan through the family for a number of years having had him treat several family members and so decided to try his clinic. Rhys has been seeing Kishan for around 6 months now and we have seen a massive difference in his cough to the point we have been able to reduce the amount of times he has his asthma pump/steroid medication that he has been taking daily. He is not having his daily cough or had any type of coughing fit since. Throughout the time Rhys has been seeing Kishan he has changed as a person. You can see that his confidence in everything has grown. Rhys was always a shy and quiet child who lacked confidence in most things especially sports, however since seeing Kishan his confidence has grown. He is enjoying his football more and has the confidence to try anything asked of him. He has also grown in height. Rhys is a small, petite boy and his height has always worried us due to the steroids in his medication, however since seeing Kishan he has grown an extra cm a month! This is massive for Rhys which has also impacted on his self esteem and confidence. We would really like to thank Kishan for everything he has done for Rhys with his chest as the results have had a massive impact on him and our family life as we are no longer anxious about his cough and we are eternally grateful for this. Thank you Leanne and Lee


Where do I start. I was in a very difficult place emotionally the loss of my Dad and my own health scare. My GP took the easy option prescribing me anti depressants. These unfortunately worsened my symptoms. Perversely a friend of mine from a conventional medical background signposted me to Kish. From here my positive journey to wellness started. Like all the previous reviews state he's a gentle kind appropriately attentive man. He fixes you, how he does it, I don't understand. I however am testament to his treatments work. Thank you Kish for healing me Xxx

by S.A.M on Kishan’s Clinic
"Mister" the Golden Retriever with Thymoma and Mass in chest.

We first took our golden retriever, Mister (then aged 12), to Kishan in November 2016.
Mister’s bark had become high-pitched, not his usual ‘gruff’ bark and he was not sleeping well at night, often pacing around and moaning. At times he would also have some walking difficulties.
The vet had found a mass in his chest, likely a thymoma or lymphoma, which would require surgery or chemotherapy. As Mister had a severe reaction to anaesthetic during a pre-med in September 2016, we didn’t want to have to put him through any invasive treatment.
Kishan has treated him a number of times. At the start of some treatments Mister can be pacing around until suddenly he settles down.
Over the time we have been going to see Kishan, Mister’s walking and breathing have improved and he has more of his old bark back. He still has some breathing difficulties but hasn’t deteriorated as the vet believed he would. We are grateful to Kishan for the help he has given Mister and for the improvement to his life – and ours, todays date is Nov 2017 and he's doing great.


Thank you kishan for helping me deal with my anxiety. I have seen kishan for a few months now and am dealing with situations in a different way to how i would have dealt with them (or not!) 6 months ago. I have never used alternative therapies before but went in open minded and willing to try anything before going down the medicated route. So far, i feel much more confident in myself and am able to deal with situations that i dont think i would have previously. Thanks again 😁

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