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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Joni O’ Brien on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence overcome after trying everything else for years

I went to see Kishan a little while back due to anxiety. My partner had to make the appointment as I was to anxious to message and a little embarrassed. I Thought if I reach out for help It’s almost  openly admitting I have a problem that I masked for a very very long time.

Ide been to GPs been on every tablet going, but due to the side effects took myself off them. I masked my anxiety very well for years , Always smiling, but those close knew that I wasn’t what I was portraying to be.

That’s when I met this man. Well where do I start.....
he’s the most amazing, professional, down to earth amazing angel on earth!
I don’t actually know, or explain what he does. The healings are absolutely mind boggling and an out of body experience! You can’t even explain what happens!
You just feel like the biggest weight has gone!

I’ve been seeing kishan for a few months and from the person I was when I walked in there, to the person i am today is incredible!
- I have my blips now and then , but nowhere near what I was before seeing Kish ❤️

And it’s all down to this magic man ❤️❤️ I’m truly humbled and blessed to have him in my life 💓💓💓

by Sarah Lavender on Kishan’s Clinic
Stan - Wobblers and Cardiomyopathy

My wonderful Doberman Stan suddenly collapsed in March 2017 and I rushed him to the vets and was referred forward to a specialist.. he was diagnosed with Wobblers which is a horrendous condition affecting the spine and unfortunately one I was all to familiar with as my first Doberman had died during an operation to correct it. I was fortunate to be sent to a wonderful specialist who openly admitted the operation was often widely disputed and not always successful so agreed to treat conservatively. He responded well to a short course of steroids and painkillers and within the month he could walk reasonably well. However what I wasn’t prepared for was the depressive state he had gotten into. He was an active dog and with my job as a dog walker he was out as often as he pleaded in his adult years whether walking through the woods or enjoying slow sniffs with elderly dogs. He just loved being outdoors.

A month after his initial collapse he was depressed, dark, unhappy... like a light had gone off behind his eyes. After blindly following vets advice and peer pressure to go ‘ the science route’ with my first dog only to lose him so tragically I felt at liberty to explore other options with Stan, I had seen my consultant, spent the thousands, nobody could judge me professionally that I hadn’t done the right thing by him.. and now I was free to do what I thought might help

So I took him to see Kishan and what a difference between walking in and walking out of his clinic that day

The light came back on in his eyes so much so that people around me commented, even seemed confused as to why this could have created such a transformation in him

We had a whole year of a bright happy Stan and during that year I popped him back and forth to see Kish

Then a few months ago he suddenly developed DCM and went into heart failure. Within an hour I was at a cardiologist specialist and the outlook was bleak. We were prescribed medication but whether Stan would make it home was uncertain.

I went back to Kishan again and he treated his heart condition also. Two months later and one 48hr ECG result later Stan is doing better than well.. his results have ranged back into normal and he has amazed the vets and specialist with his turnaround

As a person I learnt many years ago after many trails that I responded better to alternative treatments than what the doctors may throw at me, but I am one who believes that we all choose our own path and it’s not something I shout about or expect others to do.

As a professional who works with dogs I always refer to vets and specialists regardless of what I know to work as I would find I would get judged. Kishan never once tried to push me away from doing this (which is ironic because as soon as you tell a medical professional you are seeing a homeopath or psychic surgeon they openly laugh at you). For me this is the best of both worlds to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ and also doing the right thing that sits with me.

All the wishful thinking in the world couldn’t have made the dark cloud lift from Stan after he went down. All the airy fairy beliefs couldn’t have made me walk into Kishan’s with a struggling dog then struggle myself to keep up with him when we left. If I had walked out the vets with a similar result people would throw their hands up and say how great he was... yet if I said it had happened with a psychic surgeon they’d have laughed

And you know what? I think people are scared. I think professionals are scared.

And if I can give one piece of advice to anyone reading this who feels under pressure from
Vets or loved ones to go a certain route... just go once. Take your beloved animal to see Kishan just once and don’t deny anything you see happen 💜

by Laura on Kishan’s Clinic
Cluster headaches/ hemicrania continua

Kishan was recommended by a friend who had worked with him when he worked for the nhs, this friend was in awe of his energy just by being with him & this struck me because I would say my friend is somewhere more sceptical, I was encouraged by her belief in Kishan.

I was desperate for something or someone to help me, I have suffered excruciating pain on one side of my face & head for 34 months, MRI can not detect any abnormality & pharmaceutical drugs can not ease the pain, whether the epilepsy drugs, codeine, 100% oxygen fitted at home I was just feeling less & less myself.
My general practitioner is a wonderful doctor, my neurologist superb I cannot underestimate their attempts to help me.

However, I have had many stressful situation occur in a very short space of time, I cannot help but wonder if the pain is mental strain presenting as physical pain.

I am a mum of two, I run my own business & other than doing the absolute basics for work that is all I do, there is very little social life outside due to the pain & the light & noise sensitivity I experience too.

I am chronically unwell & massively overwhelmed by life. I have met with Kishan twice & received distance healing once, the relief in terms of stress this has provided & somewhat for two weeks after I am relatively much better pain wise, but the greatest gift I have learnt so far is I can now look forward, where I was once stripped of joy or any hope to look forward to a time where I will be well & enjoy better times is a true gift.

Kishan is a kind soul, who welcomes you & makes you feel very safe to open up & to them relax so to receive healing. I look forward to Kishan’s healing on my journey to being well in body & in mind.

Greatest appreciation Kishan, Laura.

by Lynette Board on Kishan’s Clinic
Chronic Suffering of my daughter gone.

My daughter had a diagnosis of Chronic fatigue syndrome 18 months ago and suffered greatly. She was previously a competitive swimmer but then crawled from upstairs to downstairs where she spent the day exhausted on the sofa repeatedly. She was unable to tolerate light (photophobia) or sound (hyperacusis) and had no energy at all, as a family this was devastating to witness on a daily bases. I also rang the Drs practically every day to see if someone could help her and would get so frustrated at the lack of help.
She had seen Kishan when she was younger with migraines that could not be helped by anything.
So we were lucky to see him one day in-between patients and he gave her an appointment straight away.
Mia had healings with him, which she said were an amazing experience and hard to describe and had Homeopathy like she did before with her migraines, we saw a remarkable improvement every time! Her ability to tolerate light and sound increased after the 1st session and continued until they were back to normal with Homeopathy and Psychic surgery Healings, Mia has successfully sat 13 GCSE’s achieving A*-B grades which we never would have believed possible 18 months ago.
Kishan is very kind and caring and has a very perceptive nature which enables him to explore the whole person in depth and find the right treatment for his patients. We are so grateful to him and would, and have highly recommend him. Mia has also had CBT and physio which she was able to do after her energy picked up which have helped.
Mia was being referred to Dr Esther Crawley at the Royal united hospital in Bath and she has repeatedly been turned down ! There is no specialist in the whole of Wales that would see her as she was under 18 so they were happy to leave her on a waiting list. We paid privately for the diagnosis and cbt treatment. She is still on the nhs waiting list to see a consultant !!

by Leyla on Kishan’s Clinic
A wise, healing presence

I was lucky enough to see Kishan this summer. I have had various health issues over the years and although I take care to look after myself I was feeling particularly worn out especially after a recent medical procedure. As Kishan treated me I could feel the energy and warmth returning to my body. I felt a great calm afterwards, and that depleted half- empty feeling that I had been carrying around was replaced by a feeling of balance and inner resilience. Kishan is incredibly caring and generous. I feel very lucky to have seen him. Thank you Kishan for all you do.

by Ellie O'Bryan on Kishan’s Clinic
Exams and Anxiety

I have always suffered with anxiety and a lack of self confidence so, when it came to completing my AS level exams I was very nervous despite months of revsion. Kishan helped me to reach my full potential by giving me remedies to help with my confidence and concentration and I am so pleased to have achieved 2 A's and a B. Kishan has always been so genuine and sincere and I have always felt as though he cared. Thank you kishan for all your help.

by Nickie on Kishan’s Clinic
Amazing -Insomnia & Depression healed

What can I say this man truely is a miracle worker. I was in such a desperate place before I found Kishan. I have been suffering from insomnia linked to anxiety and I really could not take much more. I had two sessions with Kishan and he helped me so much. He was very calming and reassuring throughout his sessions and he knew what I was like before I even opened my mouth when going through the consultation. I will recommend him to everyone who is going through struggles. Absolutely amazing, thank you Kishan xx

by Donna on Kishans clinic on Kishan’s Clinic
Changed me- an my Life 🙏

I Found Kishan while Searching for a Reiki healer and I immediately felt drawn to him. this man is an (earth Angle).😇I was in desperate need for help wasn’t feeling myself and wasn’t leading a Normal life in anyway Shape or form. Most of my life I've had toxic relationships and friendships around me which has affected me Mentally Emotionally and Physically plus my Anxiety was dreadful. These past 4/5 years have been real draining for me, having toxic Manipulative people draining my energy an controlling me I felt vulnerable and fearful to say the least. I lost my Mum 2 half years ago from Cancer and my Grief was pretty messed up. last October I had life saving surgery and made me feel even more vulnerable felt like I was in Shock. I started to stay in my comfort zone week in week out was afraid to face the outside world even a trip to the local shop gave me bolts of Anxiety plus having no confidence what so ever, I knew deep down I had to do something to help myself.

I first contacted Kishan in early February baring in mind he had a 3 month waiting list in which I was happy to wait he got back to me same day was lovely and understanding to me with plenty of empathy, Kishan gave me an appointment for 2 weeks later. When i first met Kishan I was really nervous didn't know what to expect but as soon as I saw him I felt at ease instantly calmer inside. Kishan explained everything and did a full consultation to he asked me some questions about the past and present I couldn't remember alot about the past an told Kishan this and he said not to worry, it was like he already knew things anyway, I felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. Even talking in depth with him made something lift inside. Kishans the most Spiritual person I've ever met, and I’ve supposedly met a few, he’s so intuned with himself and what's around him it's incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Kishan then gave me Some Homeopathic remedies to take and explained that he was going to do Psychic surgery on me and then Gave me another appointment for a month time.

In The Healing room I felt So relaxed just the set up made me feel at home. Kishan then performed Psychic Surgery on me it's just out of this world I felt like my body was sinking in the therapy bed and had a warm feeling with tingling sensations it felt like all my  blockages were lifting up and out of me and my energy started flowing again- it's hard to explain!!

After the first healing session I felt instantly different from within it was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced. A Smile came on my face which I haven't had for a while. My mind felt like it had decluttered no end. When I left kishans I headed straight for a Coffee this use to be difficult for me, to be around people but it was quite easy to do after the Healing . Kishan did advice I  take baby steps to begin as it may overwhelm me, he didn't want me to push myself, he was right too. I've had Several Sessions now with Kishan I have noticed after each one how much more strenth and will power I have gained inside and out and my confidence is also back, my Anxiety is practically gone if I do have it it's like I Can control it. I’m not fearful of much anymore it's like I'll go anywhere now lol. I've managed to distance the toxic people out of my life with Strength and Courage and that alone as done me the world of good, I'll never put up with anyone toxic ever again. And My Raynaulds Disease kishan has actually Cured completely, the after pains from my Surgery have gone and the arthritis in my kness has eased no end. There's no comparison to how it use to be. I'm over the past tramas aswell, I don't even over think anymore - I couldn't if I tried!. Family and friends say I look different more healthy younger and very different.

New me, New life thanks to Kishan. (Small price to pay for your health and dignity).

This whole experience is a miracle and Kishans a miracle 💯I would advice/recommend Kishan to absolutely anybody even if it's a one time appointment. Wish I'd of found him years ago that's my only regret.

Thank you Kishan I'm forever greatful to you, your a god send 🙏

by Beverly Bottomley on Kishan’s Clinic
Rescue Dogs found The Magic Man

l take in mentally and physically disabled rescue dogs and cats that are in such a desperate state because of their mistreatment at the hands of people. I found out about Kishan because I was searching for an alternative treatment for one of my dogs Minxy. She has had a very unlucky life with bad people and bad illnesses, numerous surgeries and unfortunately she had now developed a ventricular bleed which made her heart pressure drop and her heart was incapable of pumping correctly, which made her abdomen fill with water. The cardiologist I consulted offered her meds but said the prognosis was all but hopeless.

Then I found Kishan. I explained her plight to him and told him she'd been given maybe days, maybe weeks and he agreed to try and see what he could do. Before her treatment with Kishan I asked my vet to check her heart rate and pulse and scan her heart, I offered all this information up to Kishan who said he preferred to work on his own and would look at medical records later - bear in mind at this point he had little or no information on her - and after the treatment  he then gave a full report on her illnesses.

I was astonished at his accuracy! There is no way at all he could of known all her current and previous history, in addition to this Minxy's health has improved no end and I took her back to the vets just last week and asked him to examine her, he openly admitted that he had no explanation for the stabilisation of her heart rate. This is only one dog, he has gone on to treat more and his accuracy of their history has been incredible, and the treatments are working phenomenally.

I bless the day that I discovered this man and his unexplainable and truly extraordinary gifts, he is passionate about his work and has given me answers to problems that - up until now - were hopeless.

Thank you Kishan.

by Angela on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety (gone in a few months)

After a particularly traumatic (to me) event at the end of last year I started to suffer extreme anxiety, I felt out of control and could not focus on going forward with my life, I visited my GP a few times and was only being offered anti anxiety meds which I was reluctant to use due to the side affects. So I decided to contact Kishan after being  recommended by a friend, I was lucky enough to get an apt within a week. I didn’t really know a lot about homeopathy but Kishan took the time to explain everything to me, he asked me many questions about how and what I was feeling,  he then gave me the most amazing healing along with some homeopathic medicine, and an appt to return in a month, after 2 days I started to feel a sense of calm, it was a very soothing calm and this calm has gone from strength to strength. On my second visit I was a different person going in to that of who I was on my first, again we talked about how I had and was now feeling and again gave me a beautiful healing, the healing is difficult to explain only to say I felt an energy moving within me, a very gentle and relaxing sensation, I was so relaxed Kishan had to nudge me when it was over.
At my last appt last week and Kishan was so pleased with my progress I have now been discharged with the knowledge that I can return whenever I feel a need, I cannot explain what exactly Kishan does only to say whatever it is, it works and I cannot thank him enough, for anyone suffering with Anxiety do not hesitate to contact him,  I am now in a place where I feel I can move forward calmly and confidently, Thank you Kishan xxx

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