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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Cerys on Kishan’s Clinic
Very happy !

I have seen Kishan for a few years and he has helped me endlessly. My hound daughter was suffering with stomach and allergy related issues and her diet was becoming evermore limited. She had lost weight had no energy and was heading down a long road of examinations tests who knows what.

After seeing Kishan for the first time, the very next day she woke up so hungry! Since then she has seen him a couple of times. She is now able to eat a more varied diet without it affecting her. We are both very happy and would like to thank Kishan x

by Moira Cooper on Kishan’s Clinic
Grace’s end of life care

My beloved cat was in a critical situation, emaciated from refusing to eat. All the vets could suggest was admission for further tests. I feared that she would die there, alone and afraid, away from her home and I desperately wanted to spare her that.

It was then that I found Kishan. He offered distant healing for her, which is perfect for an anxious cat. He pinpointed her major problem during the first healing- strictures in her oesophagus. This made perfect sense to me, she had struggled with hairballs all her life.

Thanks to his healings and The homeopathic remedies I had ordered myself, they worked fast  and accurately, my cat was able to enjoy another 4 weeks of quality time on Earth, eating small amounts of liquid food and following her normal routine in her own territory.

How different it would have been had I not had the good fortune to find Kishan! I can’t praise him highly enough. There was never one occasion when he didn’t quickly respond to requests for assistance. It’s hard to believe that there is only one of him!

What he did for us both was nothing short of a miracle. He will always be my first port of call in future. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so. My only regret is that I didn’t know of him years ago!

Thank you Kishan, you are a gift from the universe😇🌟

by Laura Pilipczuk on Kishan’s Clinic
Completely changed our family for the better!

Kishan was recommended to us for our Dog but after seeing the fantastic improvement in her we decided to send the whole family!
Our daughter (age 8) has really been struggling with anxiety and stress with very little improvement using conventional methods. After her initial appointment with Kishan she became much more expressive and aware of her own emotions; in turn, her confidence has grown and she is much less anxious as well as sleeping again - She even calls Kishan her "worry guide".
Our son (age 6) was very emotional and he had trouble releasing his feelings in a controlled manner, which resulted in aggressive outbursts (verbal and physical). After his first appointment with Kishan we noticed a quick improvement in his ability to listen effectively and conflicts are diffused quickly without tantrums and aggression. He is now able to verbalise his emotions successfully and calmly. He has also stopped frowning and scowling, which is lovely to see!
We are so thrilled with the changes in the children, they are both much happier and contented as well as expressive of their emotions. All this just after 2 Appointments with Kishan he then discharged them both during there follow ups.

Since beginning treatment as a family we are all much happier. We have managed to communicate better which allows us all to appreciate and understand each other.

We recommend Kishan to all of our friends and family ... and anyone else who will listen!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for us so far and what you will continue to do; we will always turn to you for your healing and support in the future 🙂

by Wayne on Kishan’s Clinic
Head declutterer!

Kishan has used homeopathic treatment and healing which has helped me to distinguish the wood from the trees! I also had problems with indigestion but that has also diminished.
Thanks Kishan.

by Joan Rees. on Kishan’s Clinic
My life back.

I have suffered with brochiectisis, chronic back pain and migraines for many years. About six months ago, I was feeling so ill, but not able to explain how or why. I had no energy and it was getting impossible to do the easiest of tasks. All I was able to do most days, was sleep in the chair, and then at night sleep again.
I knew I needed help, and that was when I contacted Kisham, and went to his clinic. After a long consutation he prescribed homeopathic and healing treatment. After the first treatment I could feel improvement.
Now,after several months treament, my breathing is much easier, my back pain so much improved, and I have not had one migraine.
My life has been transformed, I am now able to do my housework, and have been working in my garden. At 88 yrs old, I go to exercise classes twice a week, and am able to keep pace with everyone there.
My family and friends are amazed at the improvement in my health and well being.
For all of this Kisham, I thank you so much.

by Debbie on Kishan’s Clinic
Confidence an pain

Every time i see kishan i come out feeling on top of the world,my pain is under control an my confidence as rocketed, sych a calm atmosphere, i would definitely recommend this therapy to everyone, feeling a much better person thanks to kishan😀😀

by Beth on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety and insomnia

I went to see Kishan after suffering from anxiety and insomnia all my life. I had tried all conventional medicine with no benefit. From the first session with Kishan I felt the calmest I have ever felt and sleep better than ever. Since then i have also taken my husband, daughter and cat! Kishan is kind and understanding, and I have also recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you Kishan 🙂

by Ed on Kishan’s Clinic
I have my life back

I had struggled with ME for over a decade by the time I met Kishan. I was also seeking to confront a number of other health and psychological issues.

I was advised to seek Kishan's healing by another of his patients who felt that her life had been transformed by treatment. As she put it, she felt 'reborn'.

I hoped that my health would equally benefit from Kishan's intervention.

I have been treated by a number of Reiki and other alternative health practitioners in the past and often felt an easing of my symptoms post treatment.

Kishan's treatment was of an entirely different order - I did not feel an easing of my symptoms, I experienced a massive improvement, for the first time in a long while I left a treatment (session) pain free and without the ME 'brain fog' that had blighted my life for so long. I was utterly astounded by my improvement, more so when it was sustained over the following weeks. I have experienced so many false dawns in the past but now truly feel I can class myself as free of ME. I am unable to fully express what this means, or the improvement in my life. Moreover subsequent treatments dealt with and resolved my longstanding psychological issues.

My days are no longer filled with pain, confusion and the myriad of symptoms of ME. Equally they are no longer filled with anxiety, distress or depression.

I have my life back. I cannot adequately express my thanks and gratitude for remarkable turnaround brought about by Kishan's care. I can only say Thank You.

by Emma Crawley on Kishan’s Clinic
10 year olds Knee fixed after 2 years of suffering

In August 2017 my 8 year old daughter had a swelling to her knee. I took her to the GP and they asked me if she had fallen on it, which she had not. The only thing I could think of is that she had her appendix out in the June, so maybe it had something to do with that. She was sent for x rays which showed nothing. 

The next few months her leg got worse she couldn't bend or straighten it, and it turned to the side. She was referred to the hospital to see a paediatrician. We waited for the appointment and he sent her to physio. After a session of physio there was no change. We were told to stop her doing all her sports as she was a very active child.

Christmas came and she ended up in a wheel chair, we felt the Nhs were failing use, as they said they didn't no what it was and we had to wait for a mri, and give her Carpol, so we were put on a 6 months waiting list. I could not see my child in pain any longer so we took her to a chiropractor. He did 6 months work and still couldn't fix her leg. We then decided to pay private health care and it happened to be the same Consultant  we seen at the hospital. This man said there he’d consulted 10 surgeons and couldn’t figure out what to do so she must be faking it. 

As a mum who knows there child I knew he was totally wrong. He then sent her back to the hospital for more tests and physio, the leg was getting worse, and the pain was unbearable she could not take we were fed up of giving her medicine. So after trying all these things we were running out of options, then I came across a well known Healer called Kishan, at this point I thought we had nothing else to lose so would give it a go. We went along to his clinic and had a chat about what was going on, we then went into a room and started the healing process, after here 1st session her leg felt lighter and could walk with less pain we both burst into tears as finally we found some one who could help. She also had emotional problems and no confidence left in her due to being bullied in school, which Kishan also started to heal. After 2 more sessions my daughters leg was fixed and all he emotional problems were gone and her confidence came back.

Kishan is magical he saved my daughters and my family's life as he gave us our little Princess back, and now we can get on with our lives.

She can now ride her bike, play football, go boxing, bend backwards like a crab and dance again as well as her acting work.

All the above were things we never thought possible again.

We cant thank you enough.

by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
IBS and acid reflux

I been suffering with ibs for many years, but last year was the worst its ever been and started having very bad acid reflux, in the doctors twice amonth and wasnt getting better. So when i bumped in to Kishan felt like this was the sign i needed to get better.
I have now had a course of treatment from Kishan and IBS feels like its healed and acid reflux healing, my systems are better then they been in a year when they started getting bad. I went to Kishan for IBS and acid but not only did he fix that for me he fixed my attitude to life and mental health.
Kishan is a kind, warm, lovely person. I dont know he does it but it works, he is like an angel miracle worker. Thank you sp much for giving me my life back

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