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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Donna on Kishans clinic on Kishan’s Clinic
Changed me- an my Life 🙏

I Found Kishan while Searching for a Reiki healer and I immediately felt drawn to him. this man is an (earth Angle).😇I was in desperate need for help wasn’t feeling myself and wasn’t leading a Normal life in anyway Shape or form. Most of my life I've had toxic relationships and friendships around me which has affected me Mentally Emotionally and Physically plus my Anxiety was dreadful. These past 4/5 years have been real draining for me, having toxic Manipulative people draining my energy an controlling me I felt vulnerable and fearful to say the least. I lost my Mum 2 half years ago from Cancer and my Grief was pretty messed up. last October I had life saving surgery and made me feel even more vulnerable felt like I was in Shock. I started to stay in my comfort zone week in week out was afraid to face the outside world even a trip to the local shop gave me bolts of Anxiety plus having no confidence what so ever, I knew deep down I had to do something to help myself.

I first contacted Kishan in early February baring in mind he had a 3 month waiting list in which I was happy to wait he got back to me same day was lovely and understanding to me with plenty of empathy, Kishan gave me an appointment for 2 weeks later. When i first met Kishan I was really nervous didn't know what to expect but as soon as I saw him I felt at ease instantly calmer inside. Kishan explained everything and did a full consultation to he asked me some questions about the past and present I couldn't remember alot about the past an told Kishan this and he said not to worry, it was like he already knew things anyway, I felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. Even talking in depth with him made something lift inside. Kishans the most Spiritual person I've ever met, and I’ve supposedly met a few, he’s so intuned with himself and what's around him it's incredible. I've never seen anything like it. Kishan then gave me Some Homeopathic remedies to take and explained that he was going to do Psychic surgery on me and then Gave me another appointment for a month time.

In The Healing room I felt So relaxed just the set up made me feel at home. Kishan then performed Psychic Surgery on me it's just out of this world I felt like my body was sinking in the therapy bed and had a warm feeling with tingling sensations it felt like all my  blockages were lifting up and out of me and my energy started flowing again- it's hard to explain!!

After the first healing session I felt instantly different from within it was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced. A Smile came on my face which I haven't had for a while. My mind felt like it had decluttered no end. When I left kishans I headed straight for a Coffee this use to be difficult for me, to be around people but it was quite easy to do after the Healing . Kishan did advice I  take baby steps to begin as it may overwhelm me, he didn't want me to push myself, he was right too. I've had Several Sessions now with Kishan I have noticed after each one how much more strenth and will power I have gained inside and out and my confidence is also back, my Anxiety is practically gone if I do have it it's like I Can control it. I’m not fearful of much anymore it's like I'll go anywhere now lol. I've managed to distance the toxic people out of my life with Strength and Courage and that alone as done me the world of good, I'll never put up with anyone toxic ever again. And My Raynaulds Disease kishan has actually Cured completely, the after pains from my Surgery have gone and the arthritis in my kness has eased no end. There's no comparison to how it use to be. I'm over the past tramas aswell, I don't even over think anymore - I couldn't if I tried!. Family and friends say I look different more healthy younger and very different.

New me, New life thanks to Kishan. (Small price to pay for your health and dignity).

This whole experience is a miracle and Kishans a miracle 💯I would advice/recommend Kishan to absolutely anybody even if it's a one time appointment. Wish I'd of found him years ago that's my only regret.

Thank you Kishan I'm forever greatful to you, your a god send 🙏

by Beverly Bottomley on Kishan’s Clinic
Rescue Dogs found The Magic Man

l take in mentally and physically disabled rescue dogs and cats that are in such a desperate state because of their mistreatment at the hands of people. I found out about Kishan because I was searching for an alternative treatment for one of my dogs Minxy. She has had a very unlucky life with bad people and bad illnesses, numerous surgeries and unfortunately she had now developed a ventricular bleed which made her heart pressure drop and her heart was incapable of pumping correctly, which made her abdomen fill with water. The cardiologist I consulted offered her meds but said the prognosis was all but hopeless.

Then I found Kishan. I explained her plight to him and told him she'd been given maybe days, maybe weeks and he agreed to try and see what he could do. Before her treatment with Kishan I asked my vet to check her heart rate and pulse and scan her heart, I offered all this information up to Kishan who said he preferred to work on his own and would look at medical records later - bear in mind at this point he had little or no information on her - and after the treatment  he then gave a full report on her illnesses.

I was astonished at his accuracy! There is no way at all he could of known all her current and previous history, in addition to this Minxy's health has improved no end and I took her back to the vets just last week and asked him to examine her, he openly admitted that he had no explanation for the stabilisation of her heart rate. This is only one dog, he has gone on to treat more and his accuracy of their history has been incredible, and the treatments are working phenomenally.

I bless the day that I discovered this man and his unexplainable and truly extraordinary gifts, he is passionate about his work and has given me answers to problems that - up until now - were hopeless.

Thank you Kishan.

by Angela on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety (gone in a few months)

After a particularly traumatic (to me) event at the end of last year I started to suffer extreme anxiety, I felt out of control and could not focus on going forward with my life, I visited my GP a few times and was only being offered anti anxiety meds which I was reluctant to use due to the side affects. So I decided to contact Kishan after being  recommended by a friend, I was lucky enough to get an apt within a week. I didn’t really know a lot about homeopathy but Kishan took the time to explain everything to me, he asked me many questions about how and what I was feeling,  he then gave me the most amazing healing along with some homeopathic medicine, and an appt to return in a month, after 2 days I started to feel a sense of calm, it was a very soothing calm and this calm has gone from strength to strength. On my second visit I was a different person going in to that of who I was on my first, again we talked about how I had and was now feeling and again gave me a beautiful healing, the healing is difficult to explain only to say I felt an energy moving within me, a very gentle and relaxing sensation, I was so relaxed Kishan had to nudge me when it was over.
At my last appt last week and Kishan was so pleased with my progress I have now been discharged with the knowledge that I can return whenever I feel a need, I cannot explain what exactly Kishan does only to say whatever it is, it works and I cannot thank him enough, for anyone suffering with Anxiety do not hesitate to contact him,  I am now in a place where I feel I can move forward calmly and confidently, Thank you Kishan xxx

by Sharon on Kishan’s Clinic
Eye problems (SND- Salzmann's nodular degeneration healed)

I was diagnosed with
Salzmann's nodular degeneration in 2016
for those who have no idea of what that is; It’s is a non-inflammatory, slowly progressive nodular corneal degeneration.
There is no known cure for this condition

Management includes observation in asymptomatic patients, medical treatment with lubricants or topical medications, and surgical treatment in more severe cases. There is no quick effective treatment for this.

I had made an appointment to see Kishan for other issues but he explained how Homeopathy treats the whole person and all their ailments (I guess this is one of the many reasons Drs are against it)
At my monitoring appointment recently and expecting some deterioration to be seen - I was surprised to hear - The nodules have disappeared? The Consultant was confused and now they don’t know what alternative diagnosis to make...

I didn’t explain I was under the exemplary care of a well known Homeopath; Kishan as the attitude to alternative therapies seem to be dismissed by medics...
So for a medicine they think is placebo based it’s cured something incurable and I had no idea till they told me.

by Laura May on Kishan’s Clinic
Amazing ( Help after Horrendous Botox Side effects)

I first rang kishan around 7 weeks ago. I had gotten botox for the first time and was experiencing horrible side effects. I explained to kishan my symptoms, muscle spasms, shooting pains, tingling/pin and needles, insomnia ect.

He advised me to go straight to A&E and if they couldn’t help then to come back to him. Which I had to do.

Kishan was very sympathetic throughout this horrible time, he must have heard how upset and panicked I was, as despite having a long waiting list, managed to fit me in not long after whist keeping an eye on me.

When first meeting kishan I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect. Kishan did a full medical history beforehand. I felt at ease. I don't usually open up to people about my emotions, But I felt I was in safe hands with Kishan. He gives a warm, capable, empathetic vibe.

I was given some homeopathic medicine to treat the symptoms I was experiencing. Kishan then performed a healing. It is very difficult to describe the feelings that you feel while having this treatment. You can feel your body internally healing. Emotionally I felt a pulling coming out y chest, as I felt this pulling I had thoughts of upsetting memories from the past come to mind. It was as if they was being pulled out of my heart. Although I have done my best to describe what it feels like to have a healing, the experience can't really be put into words.

After I left I felt uplifted. Like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. After leaving Kishan I started to heal quickly, and over the last several weeks I have improved and feel that I am so much improved. I still have some of the symptoms. But not as severe as in the beginning. I also feel that I am not alone in trying to get better. I am so grateful to kishan for his help. He truly has an amazing gift.

by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic

6 mths ago i met kishan through a family member. I was yet again about to make another appt with my gp for another course of anti depressants. That empty hopeless feeling had returned as it had done repeatedly for the last 10 years. Its an awful feeling when there seems no other way to get through the day than to take pills. Pills that make you feel nothing....not sad not happy.. just nothing. I hated being on them but thought there was no other way. I'd take them for a year or 2 then stop....then 6 mths later feel depressed again. It was a viscious circle. As i was about to phone the doctors surgery...kishan popped into my head. "I wonder if he could help me" i thought to myself. I decided to text him and make an appt before i phoned the doctor.
Walking into his room i was very low and a little apprehensive. We talked for a while and then he gave me a healing. I had never done anything like this before. I felt very relaxed. I felt a pulling sensation around my head. After i left i felt an inner peace. It was so nice. The depression did continue for a few weeks and then day by day it gradually lifted. I visited kishan each month and everytime i felt changes in myself. I was becoming more assertive and happy. After 5 mths a bad experience which hapoened to me in my early teens was keeping me awake at night...not in an upsetting way but in a way where i felt like after 30 years i was able to connect to what happened and there after as a consequence. When i told kishan, he explained to me that through the healings and homeopathic treatments i have been able to clear the past. I wish i had met kishan earlier but will be forever grateful that i did meet him. Thankyou kishan.

by Shakayla on Kishan’s Clinic
Eczema and Dermatitis

I have suffered with Eczema since I was born which got worse over my teenage years mainly effecting my legs arms and eventually my neck and face I have used steroid creams and emollients for as long as I can remember which only ever helped for a short period of time and then it would flare up again also the overuse of steroid creams would take the pigment out of my skin so i know have vitiligo as well, Ive tried light therapy numerous times which did help while pregnant but not so effective afterwards I also suffer with contact dermatitis which eventually forced me to change my job as I was a beauty therapist and my fingers and hands would split open weep and bleed constantly which would need to be treated with antibiotics, as soon as the antibiotics was out of my system it would return with a vengeance. I have also tried acupuncture to see if this could help with retuning my immune system unfortunately it did not make much difference on my skin, all this has gone on for years and started to bring me down as it effected my confidence I no longer wore makeup as i didn’t want to irritate my skin and also felt it highlighted my problem areas, then one day my partner suggested i go to see Kishan his friends father, as he could see how low I was feeling I felt defeated not knowing where to go from here, so I read Kishan’s website and his fb page all the reviews and immediately I felt confident this man was the answer to all my problems and I wasn’t wrong from my first consultation with Kishan I felt completely comfortable and at ease I opened up to him about everything and even the things i didnt mention he knew anyway, Ive been seeing Kishan now for 6 months, Ive had 2 healing sessions which have helped with my mood tremendously, my skin is soo much better Kishan gave me Homeopathic medication  to take immediately, which we altered slightly as time went on depending on my skins reaction, he did warn me it would take time and would also get alot worse before getting better because treating a person that’s suppressed it like I was taught and educated to do by all the Drs I’d seen, was never going to cure it, which it did, at one point I called Kishan to say I didn't think I could continue as every morning i would wake up looking puffy, red and flaky and I just felt like I didn't want to leave the house however Kishan reminded me that I had gone years feeling like this and there was light at the end of the tunnel so I persevered and Im soo glad I did as now there is a massive improvement in my skin everyone has commented on how much better it looks and I feel so much better in myself, Ive recently brought my 4 year old daughter to see Kishan for various things as I trust him to help in ways no doctor or dermatologist could, I highly recommend anyone who suffers with any physical or mental issue to go and see Kishan he truly is amazing at what he does.

by Rob on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan is a true Earth Angel.

Kishan is a true Earth Angel.
I booked an appointment with Kishan as I had pain in my lower back. I was also feeling anxious about a lot of things and thought that my back pain could be related to my personal problems.
As soon as I walked into Kishan's room I felt completely safe and open to talk about how I was feeling. After this initial talk I already felt better! After providing me with homeopathic treatment we went into the treatment room where I experience reiki healing. The first time I could feel emotions bubbling up and wanting to come out. The second time I felt like he had a sweeping brush in my brain and was sweeping away all of the negative thoughts.
It sounds odd but it's an experience everyone should have! It left me feeling more confident to face the things I had been worrying about!
I was intrigued by Kishan's work and he was even kind enough to explain to me how he works with his gift, for which I am extremely grateful!
If you have any physical pain or you are feeling a bit 'stuck' I highly recommend Kishan!
Thank you!

by Craig on Kishan’s Clinic
Life Changer & Saver!

Very honest testimonial from a once was sceptic.

Following a few traumatic experiences and years of suffering from depression with suicide attempts, I was recommended to see Kishan. Slightly sceptical about the practices Kishan conducts however, I went with an open mind as years of counselling didn't achieve what I'd hoped.

The first time I met Kishan it felt like i'd known him for years. I instantly felt less anxious, relaxed even, due to the friendly atmosphere.
Kishan and I talked through my problems, feelings and thoughts. Mainly discussing how I was feeling currently, how I had been feeling and chatting in general about my life. Even from that brief chat, Kishan stopped me after 15 min into the consultation and told me what had caused me to become the way I was. I then felt that Kishan could understand what I was going through and help me understand why I was feeling the way I was. Kishan explained a few things to me and it all started to make total sense, more so than the multiple hours i'd spent with numerous counsellors previously.

Judging by the way he works it’s like he’s tuned into everything around himself and the patients looking, asking and getting multitudes of information somehow.

After around 40 min, Kishan provided me with bespoke homeopathic remedies to take when instructed. We then went into the treatment room where Kishan performed  Reiki healing, and Psychic Surgery, tailored to my needs. THIS WAS INSANE! One of the main issues Kishan discovered was that during a traumatic event in my past, my spirit had left my body hence why I was feeling certain ways. During the healing I could physically feel my body "popping back into place". Believe me, I know this sounds strange to most but it's the only way I can describe what happened. Amongst other healing techniques Kishan performed, grounding my spirit mostly, and locking it back In, I instantly felt so much better than ever before.
I left that day feeling completely elated which is something I hadn't felt before. Constantly smiling for the rest of that week for absolutely no reason.

All though I’ve only seen Kishan a handful of times  it's by far the best thing I've ever done. Every time i'd build up the courage to see a different counsellor or therapist it wouldn't have the affect I needed to help feel better. 1 hour with Kishan and my life changed.
If you are seeking help in any way at all, whether it be for something physical, mental or spiritual then you need to see Kishan.
Thank you for everything.

by Laura on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan has changed my life, in every way imaginable. I had never truly realised how my anxiety had been impacting me until I began the healing and treatment process.
I've always been quite a sceptical person but having seen the magic he worked on my dog I wanted a piece of the action! From my very first meeting I felt at complete ease with Kishan, I am not a people person and I do not like meeting new people or sharing my personal life with strangers but i couldn't shut up! Since that first appointment I have changed my whole outlook on life and am a complete homeopath convert. He has a gift that he so generously shares with those who are willing to accept his help.
Immediately I felt the changes, I wouldn't even consider myself an 'anxious' person now - after 3 appointments! I no longer let situations and concerns consume me or take over my life. I feel balanced and in control. You cannot change other people, you can only change how you respond or react to them - This is huge for me, it isn't just saying this but truly understanding and accepting it, which Kishan has allowed me to do. Kishan seems to just know and understand you, he is so in tune with what you need before you even realise it. Since my appointments my PMT has become almost non existent, I am able to enjoy more family time and my need to know everything isn't as overwhelming. Overall I feel so much happier and content, I am not over worrying or overthinking everything and I feel content.

I find it hard to put into words what Kishan has done for me. I believe everyone should have an appointment with him; it will absolutely change your life. It's unimaginable to consider how consumed I was by anxiety and worry only 3 months ago compared to how capable and strong I feel now. If you had asked me then I would have said that it wasn't possible but knowing what I do now I urge anyone to at least try it! Thank you so much.

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