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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Emma on Kishan’s Clinic
Finding my happy place

When I asked for Kishan’s help I was feeling stuck in a place I couldn’t move on from. I was disconnected from myself, people and life. I felt distracted, chaotic and unpredictable.

I have struggled with myself, (mostly lacking in confidence and varying degrees of anxiety, inconsistent moods, trust issues and self destructive behaviours) on and off for most of my life. Although, I have made lots of attempts to fix myself through counselling, hypnosis, reiki, meditation, EAM, mindfulness and countless self help books. They have all contributed in some way to helping but these were usually temporary fixes. Deep down I felt I was still searching for something. Something bigger within myself.

So when I met Kishan, I was open-minded but a little weary. If I knew then what I know now I would have said to myself, “don’t worry, he’s so non-judgemental, unfazed, loving, funny and he ‘gets’ you.” He also gives the best hugs : ).

Kishan has helped me find myself and has given me my heart back (which I didn’t know had gone). I am calmer, more empathetic, compassionate, contented and most of all I feel so much more loving towards myself and people around me. I’m really hoping this stays with me forever. I guess, time will only answer this.

For me, this has been an emotional experience. A couple of days after my sessions (I had 4 altogether), I experienced a range of emotions, from absolute elation and love to full-on crying and vulnerability. I trusted that this was all part of the process of releasing past traumas (which it was).

I now feel more confident to go out into the world and be the best person I can be. This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I am truly grateful for Kishan’s help and would recommend him to anyone who has emotional issues. The only negative comment I have is, Kishan is difficult to walk away from, because he’s such a lovely person to be around : ). Thank you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

by Fathima on Kishan’s Clinic
Excellent alternative therapy

I met Kishan in 1999. He helped me with allergies that no doctor could cure for 3 weeks.
I was free if itching and scratching with 48hours. A few years later he helped me with kidney stones, I didn’t want to medical intervention and pills as my stones were too small.
This year , my mum took a turn that no doctor could understand- she is 74 and perhaps was given 8x the dose of a calming sedative to relax her before an MRI. She deteriorated over 2 weeks and at the end did not recognise any of us, or speak or eat. Kishan , a psychiatrist and lots of prayer seemed to have helped. I can’t say which did. She is now back to her normal self. thank you Kishan for what you did. Pure magic

by Hayley on Kishan’s Clinic
Low oxygen sat high temp not controlled by antibiotics

My whole family have been treated by Kishan for over 2 years with homeopathy & healing with great success each & every time. This time was no different.
My 15 month old daughter was in hospital with a chest infection. Her oxygen levels were low and she had a high temperature which wouldn't stabilise.
Kishan sent distant healing to my daughter while we were in hospital and within no time her oxygen levels stabilised and her temperature went down to a safe level. She was no longer coughing, lethargic and irritable. The oxygen mask was no longer needed!!!!! She was able to sit up, smile, she started to eat and interact with us.
The next day the consultant was happy with my daughters progress and we got just discharged from hospital.
As always, a Huge Thank You to You Kishan for the incredible distant healing that you sent which healed my daughter.
I recommend this wonderful beautiful human being to anyone with any health issues they don't call him 'Magic Man for no reason 💫

by Ramees Farooqi on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You for taking away my anxiety and mental turmoil.

Kishan came highly recommended to me by my dear friend. I instinctively felt that his chosen specialised area of treatment may have been the right one for me, as I had tried the conventional route even with emergency care where they could not help.

I was also advised that The Anxiety and the Mental Turmoil I was experiencing would take years of treatment and medications to be controlled.

But I was able to book an appointment much sooner than I had expected.

I had both been informed and reassured, prior to my first appointment, that Kishan would speak to me as an individual rather than just another patient.

Upon meeting Kishan, I found him to be a warm, kind hearted, very friendly, down to Earth, approachable and thoroughly engaging person with a lot to offer, and therefore I felt completely comfortable with him.

He and I were barely ten minutes into our very first session, and I already felt that he understood me perfectly. It became immediately obvious to me that he wasn't simply making a load of text book references or painting by numbers. Neither did he once speak to me in a patronising manner.

After only ten minutes, I felt so excited that I wanted to run off and find My Freind who recommended Kishan so that I could express my gratitude to her and tell her how happy I felt with my first combination treatment (something kishan has devised) which is healing Psychic Surgery and Homeopathy combined with other skills acquired over nearly 3 decades.

As my following three sessions progressed, I consciously made an effort to remove much of the toxic presence and negative influence which had been surrounding me for far too long. Consequently, I welcomed a return of Confidence.

Another significant factor was that I started to venture back into a lot of things which I had ignored: I got back into my guitar playing and felt that I wanted to learn a couple of new techniques. Additionally, I have fallen in love again with the sight of vintage guitars.

I also started attending live gigs again, and started to become something of a social butterfly. For the first time in many years, I have started window shopping for Mod clothes.

I truly feel happier since my sessions with the wonderful Kishan. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thank you so much Kishan for everything you have done for me and have helped me to achieve. Meeting you has definitely been of the highlights of my 2019, and I count you as a true friend as well as a brilliant Homeopath and Healer.

Please keep up with all your great work.

by Leanne Barriball on Kishan’s Clinic
A saving grace when the vet thought there was no hope

Really thankful for Kishan answering a plea on a homeopathic facebook group for one of our heifers who had a serious reaction to mould she had eaten. When the vet had seen her, she had said she will either live or die. I haven't been doing homeopathy long but I thought well I can't lose anything. That is when I posted asking for help. Kishan then gave me so much of his time via facebook messenger helping me to literally bring the poor heifer now named Rachel back to life. I have no doubt that had we not have done what we did, she would have died. So I am very grateful, and it has taught me more about the power of homeopathy and learning to see the signs of changes within animals.

Thank you Kishan

by Lynne Mansbridge on Kishan’s Clinic
Incredible unexpected treatment

I had a right foot drop- post hip replacement (2 years ago in 2017).

My foot was constantly twitching it was numb I had pain (neuropathy) if anyone knows it’s quite debilitating after surgery it just sort of hung there I had no feeling of foot what so ever when I first saw Kishan it had some feeling in it but it was like walking on pins and needles and no control over shaking . I did have special shoe to hold foot at right angle as well.
Normal medical treatments are;
1 Braces or splints. A brace on your ankle and foot or splint that fits into your shoe can help hold your foot in a normal position.
2 Physical therapy.
3 Nerve stimulation.
4 Surgery.

On the first consultation Kishan saw me at his home because I couldn’t get an appointment and I was really suffering, we spoke for a few min and he just held my foot.
I can honestly say since that moment it stopped twitching like it was, the colour temp and sensation is returning each week and I’m driving which was never going to happen from what I could see. Also that numbness is subsiding, I’m also walking down the stairs easier and taking little to no painkillers.
The surgeon said It may improve a bit over a year but I never saw that, I only saw and felt deterioration.
My friends have noticed a vast improvement in me to, saying it’s nice to have the old me back, life is more positive.

by Suzy Bryant on Kishan’s Clinic
Menopause HRT side effects, large lipoma half size in 4 weeks.

Where do I start ... After suffering with debilitating Menopausal symptoms for 5 years I visited my GP who put me on HRT after trying it for 6 months and having some awful side effects that i couldn’t cope with, I went to visit Kishan “ Mr Magic Man” who after a long chat about EVERYYHING prescribed me a homeopathic remedy I have been taking it for a few weeks and have also had 2 healing sessions ( which are totally amazing ) I can honestly say I have felt so much better, the flushes are at a minimum and only last a few seconds,my mood swings have gone along with the brain fog, the 6 month period at last has stopped, thd dragging pelvic pain has gone the bloating has disappeared along with the awful acne , joint pain is bearable but most of all I feel “ Normal again “ not a complete emotional angry gibbering wreck that I felt I was turning into, I didn’t know which way to turn I couldn’t sleep , felt like I couldn’t stay awake In the day and constantly felt tired and drained, life was a vicious circle , I also I had what I thought was a double chin it was actually a fatty  lipoma tumour  and yes you’ve guessed it has now gone to half the size , so Mr Magic Man I THANK YOU 🙏🏼💛

by Joni O’ Brien on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence overcome after trying everything else for years

I went to see Kishan a little while back due to anxiety. My partner had to make the appointment as I was to anxious to message and a little embarrassed. I Thought if I reach out for help It’s almost  openly admitting I have a problem that I masked for a very very long time.

Ide been to GPs been on every tablet going, but due to the side effects took myself off them. I masked my anxiety very well for years , Always smiling, but those close knew that I wasn’t what I was portraying to be.

That’s when I met this man. Well where do I start.....
he’s the most amazing, professional, down to earth amazing angel on earth!
I don’t actually know, or explain what he does. The healings are absolutely mind boggling and an out of body experience! You can’t even explain what happens!
You just feel like the biggest weight has gone!

I’ve been seeing kishan for a few months and from the person I was when I walked in there, to the person i am today is incredible!
- I have my blips now and then , but nowhere near what I was before seeing Kish ❤️

And it’s all down to this magic man ❤️❤️ I’m truly humbled and blessed to have him in my life 💓💓💓

by Sarah Lavender on Kishan’s Clinic
Stan - Wobblers and Cardiomyopathy

My wonderful Doberman Stan suddenly collapsed in March 2017 and I rushed him to the vets and was referred forward to a specialist.. he was diagnosed with Wobblers which is a horrendous condition affecting the spine and unfortunately one I was all to familiar with as my first Doberman had died during an operation to correct it. I was fortunate to be sent to a wonderful specialist who openly admitted the operation was often widely disputed and not always successful so agreed to treat conservatively. He responded well to a short course of steroids and painkillers and within the month he could walk reasonably well. However what I wasn’t prepared for was the depressive state he had gotten into. He was an active dog and with my job as a dog walker he was out as often as he pleaded in his adult years whether walking through the woods or enjoying slow sniffs with elderly dogs. He just loved being outdoors.

A month after his initial collapse he was depressed, dark, unhappy... like a light had gone off behind his eyes. After blindly following vets advice and peer pressure to go ‘ the science route’ with my first dog only to lose him so tragically I felt at liberty to explore other options with Stan, I had seen my consultant, spent the thousands, nobody could judge me professionally that I hadn’t done the right thing by him.. and now I was free to do what I thought might help

So I took him to see Kishan and what a difference between walking in and walking out of his clinic that day

The light came back on in his eyes so much so that people around me commented, even seemed confused as to why this could have created such a transformation in him

We had a whole year of a bright happy Stan and during that year I popped him back and forth to see Kish

Then a few months ago he suddenly developed DCM and went into heart failure. Within an hour I was at a cardiologist specialist and the outlook was bleak. We were prescribed medication but whether Stan would make it home was uncertain.

I went back to Kishan again and he treated his heart condition also. Two months later and one 48hr ECG result later Stan is doing better than well.. his results have ranged back into normal and he has amazed the vets and specialist with his turnaround

As a person I learnt many years ago after many trails that I responded better to alternative treatments than what the doctors may throw at me, but I am one who believes that we all choose our own path and it’s not something I shout about or expect others to do.

As a professional who works with dogs I always refer to vets and specialists regardless of what I know to work as I would find I would get judged. Kishan never once tried to push me away from doing this (which is ironic because as soon as you tell a medical professional you are seeing a homeopath or psychic surgeon they openly laugh at you). For me this is the best of both worlds to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ and also doing the right thing that sits with me.

All the wishful thinking in the world couldn’t have made the dark cloud lift from Stan after he went down. All the airy fairy beliefs couldn’t have made me walk into Kishan’s with a struggling dog then struggle myself to keep up with him when we left. If I had walked out the vets with a similar result people would throw their hands up and say how great he was... yet if I said it had happened with a psychic surgeon they’d have laughed

And you know what? I think people are scared. I think professionals are scared.

And if I can give one piece of advice to anyone reading this who feels under pressure from
Vets or loved ones to go a certain route... just go once. Take your beloved animal to see Kishan just once and don’t deny anything you see happen 💜

by Laura on Kishan’s Clinic
Cluster headaches/ hemicrania continua

Kishan was recommended by a friend who had worked with him when he worked for the nhs, this friend was in awe of his energy just by being with him & this struck me because I would say my friend is somewhere more sceptical, I was encouraged by her belief in Kishan.

I was desperate for something or someone to help me, I have suffered excruciating pain on one side of my face & head for 34 months, MRI can not detect any abnormality & pharmaceutical drugs can not ease the pain, whether the epilepsy drugs, codeine, 100% oxygen fitted at home I was just feeling less & less myself.
My general practitioner is a wonderful doctor, my neurologist superb I cannot underestimate their attempts to help me.

However, I have had many stressful situation occur in a very short space of time, I cannot help but wonder if the pain is mental strain presenting as physical pain.

I am a mum of two, I run my own business & other than doing the absolute basics for work that is all I do, there is very little social life outside due to the pain & the light & noise sensitivity I experience too.

I am chronically unwell & massively overwhelmed by life. I have met with Kishan twice & received distance healing once, the relief in terms of stress this has provided & somewhat for two weeks after I am relatively much better pain wise, but the greatest gift I have learnt so far is I can now look forward, where I was once stripped of joy or any hope to look forward to a time where I will be well & enjoy better times is a true gift.

Kishan is a kind soul, who welcomes you & makes you feel very safe to open up & to them relax so to receive healing. I look forward to Kishan’s healing on my journey to being well in body & in mind.

Greatest appreciation Kishan, Laura.

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