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by Mandy on Kishan’s Clinic
Scruffy - poorly boy feeling great (After seeing Kish from Daily Mail Article)

I read about Kishan in The Daily Mail on Sunday and ‘sussed Kishan out’ on Facebook and the Clinics website. I thought it was worth a visit, and see what effect it had on my boy Scruffy, before deciding about follow up appointments. I am so glad now I made that appointment.My 12 year old terrier cross little dog Scruffy, was diagnosed by the vet with liver cysts, a liver tumour believed to be malignant and I was told he only had days to live. Take him home and give him love and TLC.I visited Kishan not for any cure, but to help him feel as good as he could. Scruffy has seen Kishan 3 times and now 2 months later, Scruffy is looking well, smiling more (yes dogs do smile). Scruffy. Is an older dog, and sleeps during the day, but late afternoon he brightens up, enjoying his food, enjoying his walks, and has bursts of energy. This is miraculous and lovely to see considering he was not meant to be here.During the last few years, Scruffy also had several small ‘full body jerks’ like fits, which happened several times during the day, and now, he very rarely has them, when they happen they are only very small ones and unnoticeable.Kishan is a lovely gentleman, kind and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3 year old Type 1 diabetic incredible changes

My 3 year old daughters inital appointment with Kishan was to do with her diabetes type 1, which was diagnosed at 18 months. Also her mood swings, partly to do with her condition as well as her age. She was also very shy around people outside of our immediate family and overwhelmed by crowds. After only 2 appointments her blood glucose readings seemed to level out, Instead of many highs and lows. Her behavior has improved, although she is no angel, and seems more confident within a crowd. Thank you.

by shannon on Kishan’s Clinic
anxiety and IBS

I recieved Kishan's Combination Healing and Homeopathy for 6 months.Before this time I wouldn't be able to travel 20 minutes in my car without having to stop off and use a toilet due to becoming stressed anxious and nervous.Now ... I can  travelled 2 hours in the car to Tenby.. 2 hours to London airport etc.previously I was turning away experiences, friends and opportunities... however following Kishan's treatments  things have changed and I now feel that I can live and be me for once. I also  have the confidence to push through previous limitations.I would recommend Kishans clinic to any one .. its magic!

by Lauren on Kishan’s Clinic
Purdy's Our Cat With Naughty Habits Part 2

Since Kishan first helping my cat Purdy back in January, she wasn't urinating around the house as often, but still time to time. But during my honeymoon, according to my lodger, Purdy started to urinate around the house again. A lot. Kishan contacted me for an update on how Purdy was doing whilst I was away, I told him she's very unsettled with us being gone for three weeks. He kindly offered to communicate with her when I got back to England. He did do so and advised me she doesn't feel we understand how important she is. She needs us to show her we know. So we did, we spent extra time giving her attention & we told her how special and important she is and how grateful we are to have her in our lives. My god, she transformed. The accidents have stopped completely. She has been going outside more so much more (she hardly ever goes outside!) and she lounges around all over the house. Whereas before she stuck to her bed and the stairs! Thank you again, Kishan for your help! I really appreciate it and I think Purdy does too!

by David on Kishan’s Clinic
Singing on the Inside

I was feeling low and self critical all the time and without really realising it, I was hiding in a dark place. Images of failure would dance behind my eyes, colouring the best of days with doubt and conflict. Because we make the world as we see it, my relationships were suffering and work had dwindled. I was on long term anti depressants which initially prevented the blackest depressions, but left me feeling unbalanced and contaminated. I was stuck.Once I had been to Kishan for a course of homeopathic treatments and a healing, life began to change. A lot of darkness in my core started working its way out through my skin. I began to feel lighter and cleaner. During the ongoing treatments, it felt each time as if Kishan shone a powerful light into me. Every healing lifted away another layer of grime. My heart began to sing like a lark and create its own truth again. My Mojo came back! And in work - because I reflected a new energy - contracts began appearing from new clients and I became very busy. I continued with the treatments for six months. Being given the means to feel love in myself has been a great boost for my mental health and my spirit thanks Kishan.

by Alexandra on Kishan’s Clinic
Heart burn

I was at work and unable to get my acid reflux tablets from the doctor so I mentioned to kish I was having really bad heart burn and he performed his psychic healing on me and it worked almost instantly, what an amazing experience. Thank you again

by Keera on Kishan’s Clinic
Blocked/popping ear

I was dealing with a very annoying ear problem which was causing me headaches. My one ear kept popping every time I yawned or coughed and felt blocked up causing me to hear less etc.Kish took time out during his break from his clinic to psychic surgery on  my ear for me, something I'd never known or had before, while I was at work. It worked instantly in fact a min and a half to be exact  and helped so much, it made me feel so much more comfortable, thanks again. X

by Jyoti devi on Kishan’s Clinic
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Following Infectious Mononucleosis / Post viral fatigue syndrome

For the last part of 2017 I was suffering with endless infections and was constantly perscribed anti- biotics. I had endless doctors appointments, hospital appointments, blood test and X-rays. The whole experience was draining and making me very anxious. My health was deteriorating I was losing weight, I was off work for long periods of time and simply I didn't feel like myself, physically and mentally drained.Diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Following Infectious Mononucleosis orPost viral fatigue syndrome as it's known.Thankfully my mom who had travelled 100s of miles up to South Wales visited Kishan early this year for successful treatment and had advised me to go to see Kishan for help. I was unable to travel due to my anxiety and had asked if Kishan could contact me for a consulation on skype.Kishan agreed and asked a series of questions to understand how I was feeling and explained what steps needed to be taken towards healing holistically. Kishan then posted my medication and I can honestly say how greatful I am. I can really see the difference. Phyically and mentally I feel alot healtier, I've put on weight within weeks and I started to feel myself coming back again. It's been 1 month and I'm me again. I would definitely recommend Kishan, as even though I was unable to see him in person, I was still able to receive treatment.Thank you so much Kishan.

by Becky on Kishan’s Clinic
Long term Depression,lack of Confidence

What an amazing experience seeing Kishan over the last 2 months has been! I went to visit Kishan due to having depression and everything that comes with it, no confidence, so much anxiety and feeling like I had nothing to live for on my darkest days.I found myself opening  up to Kishan about my past and the things that were  still having an effect on me from many years ago. Kishan then gave me a healing,I cannot explain this healing,it felt very intense,but amazing,straight after the healing I felt like I’d been re-born and been giving a new lease of life, all that after the first meeting and healing with him.For the first time in many years my head feels totally clear but most of all I feel extremely happy,I now see and feel that I have a lot of amazing things in my life worth living for!! I still have to pinch myself some days at how good I feel! I have so much energy these days and nothings to much trouble.before seeing Kishan I was taking antidepressants, I don't take these anymore or feel the need to take them.Kishan has definatly changed my life and for that I will always be greatfull, he is a wonderfull man,he makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed,he’s just amazing!! xx

by Felicia on Kishan’s Clinic
long standing headaches and body/joint pain

After suffering from long standing headaches and body/joint pain and done full circle with a holistic approach I tried something new. Homeopathic medicine & Psycic surgery....I stumbled across Kishans page in total desperation as my pain levels were sky high. My first treatment was totally amazing. The sensation and energy was very profound as if something was being "removed" from around my head and abdominal area. The whole experience was very relaxing, which in it's self Was therapeutic. I have and will still continue to have as and when healing with Kishan who is a very compassionate soul �

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