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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Adele on Kishan’s Clinic
Kishan really does perform Miracles !

My partner introduced me, my son and my dog to Kishan. As far as I am concerned Kishan performs miracles. My son was in the depths of despair and the change in him over a short amount of time has been phenomenal. My son had anxiety and depression and I was at my wits' end not knowing which way to turn. After several visits of healing and homeopathic treatment my son has made decisions which he never would have made prior to meeting Kishan. He is now a happy and confident young man travelling around Australia!
I felt that I wanted to see Kishan myself as I had also suffered with anxiety, depression and irritable bowel. Kishan has made me realise how every part of your body is connected to your mind and the damage that negativity has on the body. Through healing and homeopathic treatment Kishan has made me feel far happier, more confident and less of a worrier.
My IBS has also improved. Kishan is easy to talk to an extremely kind and positive person who has a fabulous sense of humour who acts in the most professional manner.
My dog had a nasty lesion on his belly and as my family were visiting Kishan I thought I might as well take the dog as well. He had a couple of visits and miraculously (there is no other explanation) the lesion gradually disappeared.
Kishan is an amazing man whose friendship I value greatly.

by Dr R S S on Kishan’s Clinic
Sleep problems

I am a Psychiatrist working with children and Young people .I struggled with sleep problem for more than 5 years and I was very apprehensive going down the route of allopathic medication, due to side effects and dependency issues.
Kishan took time to understand the core of the problems, and it really helped talking through them, and the remedies that he gave started to work from day one.
After just 5 days of treatment I noticed considerable change and it has been nearly 5 months since my initial consultation, and I can confidently say that my sleep has improved by 75% .
Thanks Kishan for helping me through this.

by Faye on Kishan’s Clinic
Toddler trauma

I came to Kishan over a month ago now after my son (19 months) spent a week in hospital having to be continuously restrained to take blood etc. When we got home my son was a shell of the person he was before. He was clearly traumatised and was flinching at us. We were all heartbroken. I booked an appointment with Kishan and he gave my son the combined treatment of Reiki and homeopathy. Within a week he was near enough back to normal, and then some. During the healing he became very emotional and was teary eyed and beaming at me and Kishan. My son was extremely calm and relaxed around him which I was the most surprised at. 2 weeks after he appointment my son started eating properly again and eating anything! (it had been 5 months of eating the same 2 foods and sometimes none). He's gained confidence, his sleep has improved and his speech has gone from 3 words to about 20 in a really short space of time.
We can't thank you enough Kishan, for helping him SO much in just one session. We visited Kishan again recently and he has discharged my son as he feels that he is absolutely fine now and I 100% agree with this. I'll never forget the experience of watching him perform the healing on my son and his reaction was so incredible! Thank you so much you really do work miracles 🙂

by V on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank you

I attended Kishan's clinic recently, he had been encouraging me to attend for some time but guess I wasn't rwady at that time. I was pushing myself very hand and had noticed that I was loosing priductivity. Also I was easily provoked. Kishan was very understanding and guided me through a process of healing which has improved my life considerably. I am feeling more relaxed and generally less tense.
A big thank you to Kishan.

by Rhys on Kishan’s Clinic
Back on my feet

Been stuck in the head loop and no way out for quite a few years, getting nowhere and things just got worse as time went on. Things were coming to a head and I went to see Kishan.. I found the Reiki healing an amazing experience that you would have to participate in for yourself as it is indescribable and I found highly beneficial. Anyway after a few appointments things changed for the better. I found a new job and a new lease of life, but I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for Kishan. I asked someone for help and he came to me. Thank you so much Kishan, I feel alive once again.

by Sue on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan was recommended by a family friend, during the past 18 months I have lost my mum, my dad, had falling out with sibling and recently lost my son-in-law. I felt angry with the world and people around me. After 10 minutes meeting Kishan and discussing only a few details I felt we had a connection and he knew more about me than I did. After a healing session, which I can't describe, I feel you need to experience this for yourself. I left the clinic with a sense of calm. I saw Kishan 2 weeks later and my emotions we calmer and was able to cope with lifes traumas. Kishan was honest with me, although he happy with my progress he sensed child hood issues and the lack of self confidence but rather than book another appointment, he has given me the strength to come to terms & deal with the past 18 months and when I feel ready see him again. I will definitely see Kishan again as I achieved much more with Kishan than seeing a bereavement counselor. Thank you for you honesty & support xx

by Ellie on Kishan’s Clinic

I am 16 years old and before I went to see kishan I had suffered with anxiety through most of school. when I got to the sixth form I was at the point where I felt so worn out that I felt ill. I was fed up of not having any energy and struggling to do normal things and I was worried that it was going to stop me from doing things in the future if I didn't do something about it. I was experiencing symptoms such as feeling sick, shaking, racing heart, sweating and panicking and I had also experienced my first panic attack not long before where I eneded up in hospital and susequently being off school for a week. This had left me feeling even more worried and not well. So, when my sister was working in the Optic Shop and she called me and told me about kishan and said that he happened to have a cancellation that day, I went straight there, hoping he could help me as I had already been the doctors and didn't know what else to do. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I had never really heard of anything like it before and I was a bit nervous but I was open to trying anything that might help. On my first appointment kishan asked me lots of questions about how I was feeling but it was like he already knew the answers. He was very kind and caring and made me feel comfortable straight away. He gave me homepathic drops and healing and I immediately noticed a difference after the first appointment. I saw kishan once a month for about 5 months and I now feel like a completely different person. I feel so much calmer, I worry less and I feel much more confident and ready to take on new opportunities. My outlook on life has changed and as a result of this I am much happier in general, I have even surprised my family with the things I have been able to do. My sister has been seeing kishan for her asthma and eczema and my mum is planning on going to see him too. I have told so many people about him and I would recommend it to anyone. If I ever need help with anything in the future I will definitely be going back and I am so grateful for all his help as it has made such a difference to me.

by Vicky on Kishan’s Clinic
Treatment for Psoraisis

Having battled with Psoraisis for many years last winter I contacted Kish as it had flared up really bad. Kish was great and after a very thorough consultation he started a mix of healing and treatment with a homeopathic remedy’s. I was also under the dermatologists for UV and I didn’t want to come off the list as it takes so long. Kish agreed to keep on with the treatment however he advised I may not see the true results. After finishing my UV treatment I still had patches and they have always remained on my elbows even when the rest of my body is clear. I’m now full on homeopathic and healing treatment and I can hardly believe it’s been months now of now flare ups and absolutely no Psoraisis on my elbows. I thought this winter would be a good test as it’s always worse and I also tend to suffer with viruses etc. So far it’s been brilliant- no flare ups and my immune system is so much stronger. I’m a great believer in alternative medicine and I’m so thankful I managed to find Kish! Thank you

by Mike H on Kishan’s Clinic
Happy Dog ( ligament damage and limp gone)

We had Charlie, a Staffy/French Bulldog cross as a rescue puppy aged just 9 weeks. He'd been hand reared from 2 days old at Bridgend Dog's Trust.
Right from the first time he was allowed off the lead, he would charge about like a mad thing, sadly resulting in some significant damage to the ligaments in his left rear knee.
He was never able to go for long with out having to hop on his other back leg and when he wasn't doing that, it could still be seen that he was favouring his left leg.
Trips to the vet did little to help the situation, so we took him to meet Kishan.
After only one short session, Kishan has reversed the damage, and Charlie, after a few days integration hasn't limped or hopped since.
I shall be sure to be returning to Kishan should Charlie ever need his attentions again.

by Elle on Kishan’s Clinic
Feeling myself again!

Kishan was recommended to me one day when I was feeling so ill and run down I would have tried anything! I had been having stomach problems for nearly a year, severe pain, bloating gurgling and with diarrhoea and constipation being back and fore to the drs. It had got so bad I was not eating in the day at all being told it was related to my existing medical condition or IBS and given more. medication. I text kishan and was so happy when he had a cancellation - I was a little sceptical but as I said I wanted to feel well again and have my energy back. He has been marvellous both with the Homeopathic medication and healing slowly but surely I’ve been improving and discovered I have food intolerances which are improving to.

What I didn’t tell Kishan at first was Being born with spins bifida I had no felling in my left leg from the knee down and limited feeling in my right. This has caused me many issues over the years including a lot of amputation of my foot and bone knitting problems in the leg resulting in lots of infections and many bouts of being in and out of a wheelchair and using crutches having difficulty with my mobility, after visiting Kishan and him also working on healing my foot/leg area, it was very strange and quite difficult to put into words but It felt different to walk less stiff and painful and also the strange verruca like wounds which had been there for sometime and could not be healed cleared up!

I am feeling so much better in fact my dog also sees kishan and has changed for the better.

This man is extraordinary and I can not recommend him highly enough, thank you Kishan I feel myself again.

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