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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Ellie on Kishan’s Clinic

I am 16 years old and before I went to see kishan I had suffered with anxiety through most of school. when I got to the sixth form I was at the point where I felt so worn out that I felt ill. I was fed up of not having any energy and struggling to do normal things and I was worried that it was going to stop me from doing things in the future if I didn't do something about it. I was experiencing symptoms such as feeling sick, shaking, racing heart, sweating and panicking and I had also experienced my first panic attack not long before where I eneded up in hospital and susequently being off school for a week. This had left me feeling even more worried and not well. So, when my sister was working in the Optic Shop and she called me and told me about kishan and said that he happened to have a cancellation that day, I went straight there, hoping he could help me as I had already been the doctors and didn't know what else to do. I wasn't really sure what to expect as I had never really heard of anything like it before and I was a bit nervous but I was open to trying anything that might help. On my first appointment kishan asked me lots of questions about how I was feeling but it was like he already knew the answers. He was very kind and caring and made me feel comfortable straight away. He gave me homepathic drops and healing and I immediately noticed a difference after the first appointment. I saw kishan once a month for about 5 months and I now feel like a completely different person. I feel so much calmer, I worry less and I feel much more confident and ready to take on new opportunities. My outlook on life has changed and as a result of this I am much happier in general, I have even surprised my family with the things I have been able to do. My sister has been seeing kishan for her asthma and eczema and my mum is planning on going to see him too. I have told so many people about him and I would recommend it to anyone. If I ever need help with anything in the future I will definitely be going back and I am so grateful for all his help as it has made such a difference to me.

by Vicky on Kishan’s Clinic
Treatment for Psoraisis

Having battled with Psoraisis for many years last winter I contacted Kish as it had flared up really bad. Kish was great and after a very thorough consultation he started a mix of healing and treatment with a homeopathic remedy’s. I was also under the dermatologists for UV and I didn’t want to come off the list as it takes so long. Kish agreed to keep on with the treatment however he advised I may not see the true results. After finishing my UV treatment I still had patches and they have always remained on my elbows even when the rest of my body is clear. I’m now full on homeopathic and healing treatment and I can hardly believe it’s been months now of now flare ups and absolutely no Psoraisis on my elbows. I thought this winter would be a good test as it’s always worse and I also tend to suffer with viruses etc. So far it’s been brilliant- no flare ups and my immune system is so much stronger. I’m a great believer in alternative medicine and I’m so thankful I managed to find Kish! Thank you

by Mike H on Kishan’s Clinic
Happy Dog ( ligament damage and limp gone)

We had Charlie, a Staffy/French Bulldog cross as a rescue puppy aged just 9 weeks. He'd been hand reared from 2 days old at Bridgend Dog's Trust.
Right from the first time he was allowed off the lead, he would charge about like a mad thing, sadly resulting in some significant damage to the ligaments in his left rear knee.
He was never able to go for long with out having to hop on his other back leg and when he wasn't doing that, it could still be seen that he was favouring his left leg.
Trips to the vet did little to help the situation, so we took him to meet Kishan.
After only one short session, Kishan has reversed the damage, and Charlie, after a few days integration hasn't limped or hopped since.
I shall be sure to be returning to Kishan should Charlie ever need his attentions again.

by Elle on Kishan’s Clinic
Feeling myself again!

Kishan was recommended to me one day when I was feeling so ill and run down I would have tried anything! I had been having stomach problems for nearly a year, severe pain, bloating gurgling and with diarrhoea and constipation being back and fore to the drs. It had got so bad I was not eating in the day at all being told it was related to my existing medical condition or IBS and given more. medication. I text kishan and was so happy when he had a cancellation - I was a little sceptical but as I said I wanted to feel well again and have my energy back. He has been marvellous both with the Homeopathic medication and healing slowly but surely I’ve been improving and discovered I have food intolerances which are improving to.

What I didn’t tell Kishan at first was Being born with spins bifida I had no felling in my left leg from the knee down and limited feeling in my right. This has caused me many issues over the years including a lot of amputation of my foot and bone knitting problems in the leg resulting in lots of infections and many bouts of being in and out of a wheelchair and using crutches having difficulty with my mobility, after visiting Kishan and him also working on healing my foot/leg area, it was very strange and quite difficult to put into words but It felt different to walk less stiff and painful and also the strange verruca like wounds which had been there for sometime and could not be healed cleared up!

I am feeling so much better in fact my dog also sees kishan and has changed for the better.

This man is extraordinary and I can not recommend him highly enough, thank you Kishan I feel myself again.

by Joanne Kitt on Kishan’s Clinic
He can breath!

My son has suffered with his chest since a bad case of whooping cough when he was a baby. Constantly at the doctors all through winter and any exercise would make him cough. After being so frustrated at the doctors not listening to my concerns I contacted Kishan. Leo had the nasal flu vaccine In school and developed 2 bad coughs in a few weeks following. Kishan was so friendly that Leo felt at ease having healing and taking his magic Homeopathic medicine! I could not believe the difference! After the Psychic Surgery healing my son sat up and said I can breath!! How would a little boy say this If it was not true. It was incredible watching Kishan do the Psychic Surgery, picking up on the areas that we knew were the problems at one point he pulled out what he called a blockage in a certain part of the lung, Leo could feel this although his eyes were closed, yet felt so calm and happy enjoying the magical experience. His energy and breathing since has been greatly improved and yes he has had the odd cold but not affected him anywhere near like it would have, where it would go on for weeks and months. The only downside is that he has grown over an inch and a half in a month!!!

But as Kishan explained this is because is body is well for the first time in a long time the healing has thawed out the frozen energy and allowing him to grow. We cannot thank Kishan enough!

by Amanda on Kishan’s Clinic

Kishan helped me whilst facing a life threatening situation having been diagnosed with a uti which had affected my kidneys, pyelonephritis and then sepsis. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately put on a drip, losing a week of my life in a fog of extremely high temperatures and being so so ill. The remedies made a huge difference, even the Drs were confused as to how I was recovering during the first stages of sepsis and how the fevers were dropping using homeopathy, they even admitted I would not have been here If I didn’t take the Homeopathic remedies like I did. I recovered so much quicker. Also the Drs advised that it would take me a good 6-12 months to recover... I felt well again within 3 months. Kishan was so wonderful sending me remedies and healing. So grateful for his wisdom and help. I can not recommend Kishan as a therapist enough! Thank you Kish x

by Jan Hart on Kishan’s Clinic
New zest for life.

I initially saw Kishan as I felt physically and emotionally drained with no zest for life. During our first meeting he immediately made me feel at ease and I knew that I had come to the right place. Within minutes he was asking me specific questions as if he knew how I was feeling without me even having to put it into words

After seeing Kishan for a number of months I fell both emotionally and physically energised. I no longer suffer from heartburn and Vertigo and headaches which were frequent are now few and far between.

I am much calmer, worry less and instead of being fearful of new opportunities embrace them and am hugely excited about my future.

Kishan is now known by all my immediate family and have recommended him to many over the last few months. I cannot speak highly enough about him. If you are contemplating seeing him don't put it off any longer.

He is an amazing man who is kind, caring and a gentle soul.

Thank you Kishan.

by Pru Wallis on Kishan’s Clinic
Miracle Man

Kishan was recommended to me and I am so thankful for this. I mentioned to Kishan that I have two seriously sick cats and Kishan kindly came to my house to observe and treat them and some of my other cats. One cat, Arthur, who is FIV and has a weak immune system, had been on antibiotics and pain relief for over eighteen months due to a severe gum infection before Kishan helped him. I had even been advised a year ago to have Arthur put to sleep. Since Arthur has been treated by Kishan I have been able to discontinue both the antibiotics and the pain relief, Arthur's gum infection has at last healed, he is eating much better and is a much happier cat. The vet was both thrilled and amazed at the incredible improvement. On top off that, another plus point, I have saved a lot of money using Alternative Medicine as the veterinarian medication was very expensive.  Another cat, Penrod, has chronic kidney disease. Thanks to Kishan Penrod has maintained his weight, is eating well, is active and has a good quality of life. Sadly, before I knew about Kishan, I had had to have a cat put to sleep because she too had kidney problems and there was nothing the vets could do. A third cat, Made, has had a very deep cough, this is sounding better thanks to Kishan. Kishan has also helped two other cats who were stressed at times as I have a multi-cat household.  I now have a happy cat family where everyone gets on.  Kishan has helped my cats emotionally and physically.  He really is a miracle worker. I am so indebted to him.  Kishan is such an amazing person. I now have the pleasure of healthy, happy cats instead of ones suffering so much.

by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic
Truly Transforming

Kishan is a truly gifted healer. His combination of treatments has had transforming effect after just a few treatments.

When I first met Kishan I felt emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and didn't really know why. Kishan quickly got to the root of my issues and since treatment I've felt a significant improvement with a new zest for life.

I've found Kishan to be a real professional and so easy to open up to, I couldn't recommend him more.

Kishan - thank you for everything!

by Sally on Kishan’s Clinic
What an amazing man!

At the start of this week my dog had a limp and went lame in her front leg. My dog is terrified of vets and always has to be heavily sedated even for a check up. I just couldn’t bring myself to put her through all that but knew she needed help. I was very anxious but remembered I had saved Kishan’s details so contacted him. He arranged to do a distance healing on my dog first and then me. Straight away she could walk again (albeit with a limp) and 3 days later after the healing and giving my dog the recommeded homeopathic remedies I choose wanted and bought with guidance as Kishan has a plethora of knowledge on this subject matter. She is walking again and her limp has gone! I also feel deeply energised. I don’t care about naysayers or people needing to understand this, this is a miracle and has saved my dog and me from a week of unnecessary pain and trauma - and instead we’ve been peaceful! What a gift to have found the heart-centred, reassuring, kind and compassionate healer that is Kishan. I’m forever grateful and feel so happy knowing he is here for us should we ever need him.

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