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Miscarriage and Grief

Kishan Takahashi helped me get through a real rough time, me and my partner had been trying for a baby for a while now, then we had some amazing news in the beginning of August, Yes I fell Pregnant and we were so happy, but maybe we got happy too soon because not long after I started bleeding heavy I was too frightened and felt alone through it all because I could feel I was miscarrying, the pain, the gutted feeling and the grief was so overwhelming, I just wanted to shut myself away and felt so low-Bad times!Heart broken to say the least and in a lot of pain, my partner knows many people with his business and they know of Kishan in wales as they all call him the ‘’Magic Man’’ he told me about Kishan and said that I should talk to him about what has happened, and even though he is very busy he will make time, so after thinking and trusting my partner I got in contact with him, what happened next was crazy because straight away Kishan just knew what I needed, he gave me a Homeopathic remedy for the pain and for myself, within a couple of hours of taking these remedies I could feel them working for sure, its like he just knew exactly what I needed and was going through and it helped me so much, my body just naturally healed (clearing) what I was going through, and the grief disappeared within 36 hours, I can not understand how these little pills he gave me work quicker than any painkiller and anti depressant.Kishan Also had other early pregnancy professionals at hand I could contact, but I was happy with everything that happened as it was so quick when I look back.   Also since treatment I’ve changed, my confidence has gone up, and I’m starting to become the person I’ve always looking at inside myself. I will forever be grateful for Kishan taking the time day and night on call if I needed him and highly recommend him.Thank you Kishan Takahashi from the bottom of my heart you really are ‘’The Magic Man”

by Manish on Kishan’s Clinic
Holistic healing

I saw Kishen for sleeplessness and unresolved grief. He actually knew what was wrong even before I said. He has an uncanny knack for unlocking the person you want to be and initiates healing from within. Within weeks, my confidence grew and sleep was restored. I felt more comfortable in my own skin..as if the handbrake had been lifted. I would thoroughly recommend a personal consultation and a course of treatment if you have any significant unresolved issues.

by Monica Denny on Kishan’s Clinic
Marley and I

Luckily a friend showed us the Mail article on therapists who have helped animals as well as humans through different forms of healing. We were drawn to Kishan instantly so contacted him about our beloved dog Marley who was terminal. He made an appointment instantly with us. I am so grateful that we made the effort. He saw Marley a few times in person and did some distant healing as well - Marley responded very well. At first I wasn't too sure how distant healing on a dog would work but it was unnecessary - Marley looked up at me during the healing and there appeared to be a small light that appeared around him. Sadly, Marley passed away on 6th July - he had advanced prostate cancer and skin cancer. Just before Marley passed away, Kishan gave a distant healing to help him transcend. I believe strongly that Marley would not have been such a happy dog during the last 2 months of his life if we had not found Kishan. My friend Anne who accompanied me on some of the treatments thought Kishan had a kind and caring face. Only the spirits know if the outlook for Marley would have been different had we found Kishan sooner. One can only do the best one can at the time and not reflect what could have been - thoughts like that only make one depressed and crazy. I have also had some rekki healing from Kishan to help me deal with the loss. I would strongly recommend him - he is a genuine healer who really cares about the animals and people he treats.

by Sarah on Kishan’s Clinic

I first heard about Kishan clinic 3 months ago from a friend through Facebook,I was literally on my last legs and willing to try anything to stop my anxiety and panic attacks, my first 15 mins talking to Kishan I felt better we talked about everyday life etc, the healing process I had felt amazing instantly I felt better and full of energy, obviously when I left I was waiting for anxiety to hit me with a attack it’s been 3 months now and I’m still waiting for it to come, it’s gone! I also mentioned my ibs and serious fear of spiders to point I would not enter a room with one, I’m currently catching spiders in my hands and putting them outside with no fear at all and my ibs problems feel a life time away! Can’t thank Kishan enough for what he’s done for me and I will never forget how he’s changed me life thanks again Magic Man xx

As good as new

For about a year I'd noticed a slow decline in my left knee... it would creak and click when I walked each step, when driving and on bad days just when walking around and standing from sitting, sometimes being uncomfortable.I was just visiting Kish and I told and showed him the problemHe dropped all that he was doing to take a look and try and see what was wrong. Within a few minutes he'd moved my legs around and listened to the joints then began healing ( psychic surgery over them individually for 5-6 min.I felt a ticklish feeling and Kish put me at ease when I was laughing.Then that was it !I stood up and wasn't sure what to think. Walked away and turned to my friend and said "I have a new leg!" "I have a new knee ! "I can't thank Kish enough for his time and patience with me. It was unreal experience. Magic. Now I'm pain and creaking knee free it's been over a month !

by Khaled on Kishan’s Clinic
Unbelievable My Diabetes sugars from 20-6 mmols

I have been suffering from diabetes since year 2012, Kishan  visits the restaurant where i work for a long time and as the years went on my diabetes really got hold of me and because of that my confidence level got really low, i wasn't looking after myself and hit really really low, so fast foward to 2016, when i was completely down and my feet was really bad, thats when kishen asked my and i explained everything to him, so he told me to go and see him, so i went to see him just to see lets see what happens, by god that was the best decision i took in my life, now my sugar level is on 6-7 where as before seeing kishan my sugar was 19-22 or some days even worse, but kishans medication and healing got me to love my life again and i feel new me, im enjoying work and me feet is not hurting anymore at time to time i feel like i got a new feet :)All i want to say is THANK YOU KISHAN FOR EVERYTHING MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE.

by Sharon on Kishan’s Clinic
Distance Healing

I have been seeing Kishan for a number of months now, he has helped me tremendously in his clinic to help deal with anxiety and low mood / self esteem following a difficult period in my life. Kishan has helped to uncover and fix problems I didn't realise I had and I cannot recommend his help enough. Recently however, I had an accident at home during which I injured my knee. This was extremely painful the following day and I was unable to weight bear comfortably, straighten or bend my knee. I work at the local hospital and a physiotherapy colleague assessed my knee, mentioning bony and muscle/ligament damage, X-rays and possible surgery if it didn't improve. I contacted Kishan promptly who offered me a distant healing. I have had several healings with Kishan in his clinic, but could it really work with me being nowhere near him??? He'd not let me down yet. At an arranged time, I sat quietly, (albeit somewhat anxiously) awaiting the treatment, would I know it was happening, how would it feel? It was like he was in the room with me, I felt the sensation of my knee being worked on, my knee straightening and the pain subsiding and the calming sensation that comes with a healing at the clinic. Later that day, my physio colleague reassessed my knee. She questioned her earlier diagnosis, and suggested a further review the following day. True to her word she checked my knee the following day, and was unable to explain the "miraculous recovery" it had made. How does it work? I don't know, I just know that it does... I cannot thank Kishan enough for all the help and support he has provided me over the past several months.

by Lauren & Barrera on Kishan’s Clinic
I have my youthful boy back! (From seeing Kishan in The Daily Mail)

My Grandmother saw Kishan’s article in The Daily Mail. So I emailed him that same day to see if he could help my little dog Barrera. He is 13 and was struggling to walk and was just lethargic most of the time. After our first session with Kishan he was like the little pup I remembered, being mischievous again and wanting to play and eat all the time. Barrerra even started to bark like he use to, I was so happy with the result.On the second visit Barrera managed to jump off of a really highly step (for a very small dog) and raced off down the pavement. Kishan also worked on his neck and that was always down, during The Psychic Surgery healing we witnessed Barrerra head started to straighten slightly. He holds his head a lot higher now and doesn’t seem to strain doing so. Seeing the results of his treatments I have highly recommended him to my family and friends. All in all I couldn’t be happier! And neither could Barrera. 

by Mandy on Kishan’s Clinic
Scruffy - poorly boy feeling great (After seeing Kish from Daily Mail Article)

I read about Kishan in The Daily Mail on Sunday and ‘sussed Kishan out’ on Facebook and the Clinics website. I thought it was worth a visit, and see what effect it had on my boy Scruffy, before deciding about follow up appointments. I am so glad now I made that appointment.My 12 year old terrier cross little dog Scruffy, was diagnosed by the vet with liver cysts, a liver tumour believed to be malignant and I was told he only had days to live. Take him home and give him love and TLC.I visited Kishan not for any cure, but to help him feel as good as he could. Scruffy has seen Kishan 3 times and now 2 months later, Scruffy is looking well, smiling more (yes dogs do smile). Scruffy. Is an older dog, and sleeps during the day, but late afternoon he brightens up, enjoying his food, enjoying his walks, and has bursts of energy. This is miraculous and lovely to see considering he was not meant to be here.During the last few years, Scruffy also had several small ‘full body jerks’ like fits, which happened several times during the day, and now, he very rarely has them, when they happen they are only very small ones and unnoticeable.Kishan is a lovely gentleman, kind and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3 year old Type 1 diabetic incredible changes

My 3 year old daughters inital appointment with Kishan was to do with her diabetes type 1, which was diagnosed at 18 months. Also her mood swings, partly to do with her condition as well as her age. She was also very shy around people outside of our immediate family and overwhelmed by crowds. After only 2 appointments her blood glucose readings seemed to level out, Instead of many highs and lows. Her behavior has improved, although she is no angel, and seems more confident within a crowd. Thank you.

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