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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Pat Glynn on Kishan’s Clinic
Calming wonderful Kishan

I was recommended to Kishan by a very good friend. I had panic attacks due to a history of falls where I lost my confidence, I was very anxious and my balance was not good. After the first appointment I improved during the month being less anxious and no panic attacks and generally walking better. The next appointment I had Kishan did a healing due to my old spinal fractures which had caused pain and discomfort during mobility, the healing a healing helped immediately my back and left knee and the anxiety and panic attacks continued to improve at the last meeting with Kishan I had another healing with homeopathy again which I found so calming and relaxing, much to my surprise I’ve only seen Kishan a few times and was discharged.

I would not hesitate to go back to the magic of a Kishan if and when I need to.

by Ashleigh on Kishan’s Clinic

I decided to have sessions due to my anxiety and short temper. I would get extremely nervous about the smallest situations like driving and meeting new people. I would also lose my temper so easily in situations, again like driving. After a couple of sessions I have managed to get over my fear and anxieties of driving to new places and meeting new people. Just today I was in a situation where I had to attend a meeting on my own with people i’ve never met and I carried it out with the most confidence i’ve ever had. I have managed to stick to a gym plan whereas I would always talk myself out of going to the gym. Overall, I know I have some room for improvement but I have been taught how to get to where I need. On top of that, Kishan is one of the kindest people I have ever met and he made me feel so comfortable. This is a massive deal for me as I am also getting over the trauma of being sexually abused my a male school teacher. I normally get very uncomfortable around men but Kishan instantly made me feel at ease. I recommend anyone who is suffering to get in contact with him. .

by Lowri Jones on Kishan’s Clinic

Hi, I'm Lowri Jones, a 16 year old girl from Blaenau Gwent, and this is my review on the wonderful Kishan Takahashi.

I previously found out about Kishan as my dad is a paramedic and knew him from work. I suffered years with water infections and have been symptomatic of them for a long while, but I suffered worse with my menstrual cycle (very heavy bleeding, excruciating pain that crippled me, anaemia and being rushed into hospital a few times). My first session with Kishan I almost didn't attend because of the amount of pain I was in due to ongoing water infections, but I am so glad I was able to attend because if I hadn't I would have missed out on meeting a genuine, caring and lovely man. When I arrived to my first session we firstly talked about the pain levels, symptoms etc before we got into an actual healing along with being given some Homeopathic remedies ( is never known about before) to take, which I later discovered to be UNBELIEVABLE and faster responding to my symptoms than anything is ever taken !!

After we finished talking he took me to a separate room which was next door and proceeded with a healing,

At one point I just felt a sudden urge to laugh out aloud as I felt he was by my head then heart, my father was in the room to and the Psychic Surgery lasted about 6-8 mins maybe longer, but trust me EVERY SECOND IS A BLESSING.

After the healing was over- Kishan asked me to answer one question- “How is the pain”

The pain was actually gone,  it was magical I couldn't explain it.

I said that I could feel like someone was pulling things and moving things inside my abdominal area, and my father who was looking so surprised and stunned said “ he was literally just doing that I could see”.

I carried on going to see Kishan over some months and honestly, I have not experienced anymore water infections/symptoms or had anymore hospital visits, also I am a lot better, happier, more confident and healthier within myself and I owe it all to Kishan.

Thank you for helping me and thank you for being so truthful and supportive, I will never ever forget you.

by myra on Kishan’s Clinic
kidney pain, cholesterol granuloma headache

I learned about Kishan whilst searching for healers online. I had not been feeling well since many months due to a severe one sided pain under my left ear that caused a severe headache . This was not a normal headache that I experienced before but a strange throbbing one which only dissipated for a few hours when I took my medication. This was a headache that was caused by a growth in the base of my skull known as a Cholesterol Granuloma Not only my headache, I had also been experiencing an ache in my left kidney since the past 7 months. I underwent x-rays and a urine test but they were all clear. The ache would be more pronounced during the nights when I was in bed. When there is no cause it is normal to worry because your body is trying to tell you that something is not quite right despite what the results are telling you. I searched for several healers , read all the testimonials and booked myself with a well known healer who had a website that is full of testimonials. I had 4 sessions with her regarding my headaches and the kidney ache. I didn't experience any relief whatsoever and was really disappointed as it was a loss of both money and time. However I did not give up on looking for alternative healing as pain relief medication was only providing temporary relief. Kishan appeared to be someone who was really empathetic, kind and genuinely concerned about his patients/clients. I was also impressed by the fact that he had very many years of experience working in a busy hospital as a nurse. I felt that this experience meant that he was knowledgeable with any medical terminology that i would use especially when talking about my Cholesterol Granuloma. I contacted Kishan via Whatsapp and he replied after an hours time. We exchanged information and Kishan was kind enough to book me for a healing session for both my ailments . He asked me to prepare for my session which I did. During my session I felt a powerful surge of energy in my chakras and felt my body growing hot. It's indescribable! I never felt this kind of experience with the first healer. It was just brilliant. Over the next two days my headaches continued as did my kidney ache. On the third day there was no pain at all!! My kidney pain had disappeared and so did my headache on the left side. Mind you, I was told by my neurologist that I would experience headaches till the time they would drain out the growth (benign) in the base of the skull. I am so very happy that I have no pain at all. I do not know how to thank Kishan, he is so gifted and truly magical, I have no words. It's a huge relief to be pain free and I have only Kishan to thank for. God bless you Kishan , please continue with your good work, you are so appreciated!

by Kaz on Kishan’s Clinic
Becoming the Person I Was Meant To Be!

I consulted Kishan on a dear friends recommendation and I can honestly say its the best thing I ever did! After suffering years of anxiety, depression, low self esteem, confidence issues and then Menopausal symptoms I finally went to see Kishan who was so patient, kind and understanding and explained what was going on in my body which made complete sense to me. I was given remedies to take and had healing which was so soothing, I could feel the warmth flowing through my body. I saw Kish once a month for 8 months and have now been discharged and I have to say I feel the best I have ever felt in my life! I'm so much happier in myself and able to deal with life's ups and downs. I now feel I am the person I was always meant to be all thanks to Kish.
Thank you Kishan you wonderful man!

by Jacqueline on Kishan’s Clinic
No more Skepticism!

Ok where to start. I'm afraid this is going to be a long post but if I can convince anyone reading this to make an appointment with Kishan if they need help after trying everything else....it will have been worth it!

I didn't believe in Homeopathy, Reiki, crystal healing or any of what I thought was mumbo jumbo before I visited Kishan. I basically was only doing it to appease my friend who recommended him and tick of a box of one more thing I've tried.

I'm a woman so I don't easily admit i'm wrong but less say I have lived a sheltered life and now I've seen the light.

I was most definitely in a very bad place both mentally and physically. I'd suffered severe depression for roughly 10 years due to toxic relationships within my close family and the main physical health problem I needed some relief from was inflammatory bowel disease with bouts of really bad indigestion. I have other age related issues such a arthritis but it was the tummy issues and depression that were ruling my daily life.

I didn't tell Kishan this but at the time  I felt that I was on the brink of a complete breakdown and I was also what I considered to be a functioning  alcoholic as every night I'd drink several large glasses of wine to mask the emotional pain I was dealing with. I didn't miss a single night; I couldn't and the glasses were getting bigger and the drinking was starting earlier in the day...

I'd tried every antidepressant my doctor would throw at me and although I’d had several colonoscopies my doctors were unable to confirm a diagnosis for my tummy problems even though I often passed large amounts of blood and gunge so apart from imodium which I've taken since I was in my teens for diarrhoea  I've had no relief with the problems that when I was having (what I considered to be a flare up) were debilitating.

On top of this I had started to have many anxiety attacks and at times couldn't cope with going out and being among people. I'd been unsupported in my last job when I’d taken on the system due to its negligence in care of people, although brave, not an easy thing to go through,  so this was pushing me over the edge. Some thing had to be done...

So I figured I'd take my friends advice and take the plunge. My friend was relatively a new relationship in my life, so I'd only known her a few months.

OK so the day of my appointment I arrive at Kishan's clinic and my head was all over the place. I sat opposite Kishan and the tears started to flow as soon as he asked me any questions. (not the impression I want to give when sat next to a good looking guy but hey ho!)

He identified the three areas of my tummy where I had been experiencing pain and burning without even touching me or looking, he also identified which knee I had/ have arthritis in... scary sh%t, right?

I guess I should of felt uneasy at this point recalling such incidents as smuggling a Tortoise into the UK in my bra and other escapades and wondering how much he knew but if he did pick up on them he didn't say! Phew

when I think back I'm gobsmacked by some of the things I did open up to him about but I felt comfortable to confide in him. That's a first for me too!

I then went into Kishan's healing room (for want of a better description) and he did his stuff.

I had my eyes closed but had a few sneaky peaks throughout the session and I was amazed to realise that I could feel the energy from his hands inside my body even though he made no contact...

I felt very chilled which again isn't/ wasn't me and I had a sense of euphoria and complete calm when he finished.

I didn't notice until I got home that my knee was vastly improved and my hubby commented on how relaxed and happy I appeared. My hubby doesn't notice anything so this must of been major!!

Over the next few days my tummy pains subsided and I found the Joie De Vie which had been missing for a very long time. I have renewed interest in life and smile an awful lot. I have given up the wine but I'm sure I had some input into that as I'd gone TWO whole days before seeing Kishan without a drop so I can't let him have ALL the credit but I'd never gone more than 3 days without a glass in far too many years.

My confidence and self esteem have improved greatly and I can honestly say that I'm happy and I still have all the same old sh%t going on in the toxic relationships as I had before but it's not affecting me now. I felt mentally strong enough to try and rectify some of those problems and went to see very close family members who have estranged me within two days of seeing Kish. The outcome wasn't what I hoped but I coped with it. I coped really well in fact.

"The dark can make it hard to see the light but the time is always right to do whats right"

I am getting back to the old me, the happy me and it's Kishan that I have to thank for this bless him.

All this after 1 month of seeing Kishan .

I'm so grateful that I found him as in doing so I found me too.

Thank you Kishan ❤️

by Emma on Kishan’s Clinic
Finding my happy place

When I asked for Kishan’s help I was feeling stuck in a place I couldn’t move on from. I was disconnected from myself, people and life. I felt distracted, chaotic and unpredictable.

I have struggled with myself, (mostly lacking in confidence and varying degrees of anxiety, inconsistent moods, trust issues and self destructive behaviours) on and off for most of my life. Although, I have made lots of attempts to fix myself through counselling, hypnosis, reiki, meditation, EAM, mindfulness and countless self help books. They have all contributed in some way to helping but these were usually temporary fixes. Deep down I felt I was still searching for something. Something bigger within myself.

So when I met Kishan, I was open-minded but a little weary. If I knew then what I know now I would have said to myself, “don’t worry, he’s so non-judgemental, unfazed, loving, funny and he ‘gets’ you.” He also gives the best hugs : ).

Kishan has helped me find myself and has given me my heart back (which I didn’t know had gone). I am calmer, more empathetic, compassionate, contented and most of all I feel so much more loving towards myself and people around me. I’m really hoping this stays with me forever. I guess, time will only answer this.

For me, this has been an emotional experience. A couple of days after my sessions (I had 4 altogether), I experienced a range of emotions, from absolute elation and love to full-on crying and vulnerability. I trusted that this was all part of the process of releasing past traumas (which it was).

I now feel more confident to go out into the world and be the best person I can be. This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I am truly grateful for Kishan’s help and would recommend him to anyone who has emotional issues. The only negative comment I have is, Kishan is difficult to walk away from, because he’s such a lovely person to be around : ). Thank you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

by Fathima on Kishan’s Clinic
Excellent alternative therapy

I met Kishan in 1999. He helped me with allergies that no doctor could cure for 3 weeks.
I was free if itching and scratching with 48hours. A few years later he helped me with kidney stones, I didn’t want to medical intervention and pills as my stones were too small.
This year , my mum took a turn that no doctor could understand- she is 74 and perhaps was given 8x the dose of a calming sedative to relax her before an MRI. She deteriorated over 2 weeks and at the end did not recognise any of us, or speak or eat. Kishan , a psychiatrist and lots of prayer seemed to have helped. I can’t say which did. She is now back to her normal self. thank you Kishan for what you did. Pure magic

by Hayley on Kishan’s Clinic
Low oxygen sat high temp not controlled by antibiotics

My whole family have been treated by Kishan for over 2 years with homeopathy & healing with great success each & every time. This time was no different.
My 15 month old daughter was in hospital with a chest infection. Her oxygen levels were low and she had a high temperature which wouldn't stabilise.
Kishan sent distant healing to my daughter while we were in hospital and within no time her oxygen levels stabilised and her temperature went down to a safe level. She was no longer coughing, lethargic and irritable. The oxygen mask was no longer needed!!!!! She was able to sit up, smile, she started to eat and interact with us.
The next day the consultant was happy with my daughters progress and we got just discharged from hospital.
As always, a Huge Thank You to You Kishan for the incredible distant healing that you sent which healed my daughter.
I recommend this wonderful beautiful human being to anyone with any health issues they don't call him 'Magic Man for no reason 💫

by Ramees Farooqi on Kishan’s Clinic
Thank You for taking away my anxiety and mental turmoil.

Kishan came highly recommended to me by my dear friend. I instinctively felt that his chosen specialised area of treatment may have been the right one for me, as I had tried the conventional route even with emergency care where they could not help.

I was also advised that The Anxiety and the Mental Turmoil I was experiencing would take years of treatment and medications to be controlled.

But I was able to book an appointment much sooner than I had expected.

I had both been informed and reassured, prior to my first appointment, that Kishan would speak to me as an individual rather than just another patient.

Upon meeting Kishan, I found him to be a warm, kind hearted, very friendly, down to Earth, approachable and thoroughly engaging person with a lot to offer, and therefore I felt completely comfortable with him.

He and I were barely ten minutes into our very first session, and I already felt that he understood me perfectly. It became immediately obvious to me that he wasn't simply making a load of text book references or painting by numbers. Neither did he once speak to me in a patronising manner.

After only ten minutes, I felt so excited that I wanted to run off and find My Freind who recommended Kishan so that I could express my gratitude to her and tell her how happy I felt with my first combination treatment (something kishan has devised) which is healing Psychic Surgery and Homeopathy combined with other skills acquired over nearly 3 decades.

As my following three sessions progressed, I consciously made an effort to remove much of the toxic presence and negative influence which had been surrounding me for far too long. Consequently, I welcomed a return of Confidence.

Another significant factor was that I started to venture back into a lot of things which I had ignored: I got back into my guitar playing and felt that I wanted to learn a couple of new techniques. Additionally, I have fallen in love again with the sight of vintage guitars.

I also started attending live gigs again, and started to become something of a social butterfly. For the first time in many years, I have started window shopping for Mod clothes.

I truly feel happier since my sessions with the wonderful Kishan. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough.

Thank you so much Kishan for everything you have done for me and have helped me to achieve. Meeting you has definitely been of the highlights of my 2019, and I count you as a true friend as well as a brilliant Homeopath and Healer.

Please keep up with all your great work.

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