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by Lee and Leanne Langly on Kishan’s Clinic

My son Rhys was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 4 (now 8yrs) . For months after the diagnosis Rhys continued to suffer with a barking type cough symptom that would leave him struggling to catch his breath in between coughing. Despite numerous gp appointments and asthma clinics for advice and medication we could never control his asthma to a healthy place. Rhys has even had two hospital admissions throughout this time and still no one could control it to the point he wouldn't have a daily cough. We have known Kishan through the family for a number of years having had him treat several family members and so decided to try his clinic. Rhys has been seeing Kishan for around 6 months now and we have seen a massive difference in his cough to the point we have been able to reduce the amount of times he has his asthma pump/steroid medication that he has been taking daily. He is not having his daily cough or had any type of coughing fit since. Throughout the time Rhys has been seeing Kishan he has changed as a person. You can see that his confidence in everything has grown. Rhys was always a shy and quiet child who lacked confidence in most things especially sports, however since seeing Kishan his confidence has grown. He is enjoying his football more and has the confidence to try anything asked of him. He has also grown in height. Rhys is a small, petite boy and his height has always worried us due to the steroids in his medication, however since seeing Kishan he has grown an extra cm a month! This is massive for Rhys which has also impacted on his self esteem and confidence. We would really like to thank Kishan for everything he has done for Rhys with his chest as the results have had a massive impact on him and our family life as we are no longer anxious about his cough and we are eternally grateful for this. Thank you Leanne and Lee


Where do I start. I was in a very difficult place emotionally the loss of my Dad and my own health scare. My GP took the easy option prescribing me anti depressants. These unfortunately worsened my symptoms. Perversely a friend of mine from a conventional medical background signposted me to Kish. From here my positive journey to wellness started. Like all the previous reviews state he's a gentle kind appropriately attentive man. He fixes you, how he does it, I don't understand. I however am testament to his treatments work. Thank you Kish for healing me Xxx

by S.A.M on Kishan’s Clinic
"Mister" the Golden Retriever with Thymoma and Mass in chest.

We first took our golden retriever, Mister (then aged 12), to Kishan in November 2016.
Mister’s bark had become high-pitched, not his usual ‘gruff’ bark and he was not sleeping well at night, often pacing around and moaning. At times he would also have some walking difficulties.
The vet had found a mass in his chest, likely a thymoma or lymphoma, which would require surgery or chemotherapy. As Mister had a severe reaction to anaesthetic during a pre-med in September 2016, we didn’t want to have to put him through any invasive treatment.
Kishan has treated him a number of times. At the start of some treatments Mister can be pacing around until suddenly he settles down.
Over the time we have been going to see Kishan, Mister’s walking and breathing have improved and he has more of his old bark back. He still has some breathing difficulties but hasn’t deteriorated as the vet believed he would. We are grateful to Kishan for the help he has given Mister and for the improvement to his life – and ours, todays date is Nov 2017 and he's doing great.


Thank you kishan for helping me deal with my anxiety. I have seen kishan for a few months now and am dealing with situations in a different way to how i would have dealt with them (or not!) 6 months ago. I have never used alternative therapies before but went in open minded and willing to try anything before going down the medicated route. So far, i feel much more confident in myself and am able to deal with situations that i dont think i would have previously. Thanks again 😁

by Steph B on Kishan’s Clinic
Panic Attacks, Anxiety gone.

I have been visiting Kishan now for a few months and I can't believe the difference in me only after 3 sessions!I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks for over 4 years, so I was willing to try anything to help.My grandmother and other people I know recommended him because he has worked miracles for them.I really can't recommend Kishan enough.I feel like a different person.I managed to even take a flight to Amsterdam without any panic whereas before I would be dreading it.There have also been miraculous changes in my long term health and self that have simply gone.But I don't khow how he does it, but it truly is wonderful.

by Lynn C on Kishan’s Clinic
Sinus Infections, Pain, Vertigo and Chronic Disease NO MORE!

I consulted Kishan with severe dizziness, echoing and a horrible pressure in my ears following a nasty sinus infection. I have suffered from sinusitis for years. Now this was restricting my lifestyle.After two consultations and treatment the dizziness and pressure has gone. As has the pain. I can now play and spin and jump on the trampoline with my grandchildren. I can now also sleep on my side and breathe through my nose. Something I had not been able to do for years.I had also noticed that my urine was darker than it should have been with the amount of water I drink. Being me, I ignored this. Then the sinus problem took over. I had not mentioned this to Kishan. I now am passing larger amounts of clear urine and do not have the bloating or slight breathlessness! My skin is clearer and my nails have less ridges.Thank you so much Kishan for this. I really feel so much better and can do the things important to me in my life! You are amazing!

by Rhyanne on Kishan’s Clinic
Herpes simplex completely cured

Our 5 year old Ava (now 10) developed large blister like sores on the top of her arm. These have reoccurred every few weeks for the past 5 years. Ava was left with some discolouration and light scarring to her skin. Over the years we have taken her to the GP and also paediatric dermotologist who have been very helpful in trying to cure with medications but unfortunatly with no Joy. With Ava growing up and now becoming very concious of her appearance, and after hearing amazing reviews of Kishans 'magic' work, we decided to give it a try. Kishan is amazing, from the second Ava walked into the clinic she was mesmerized, we are now over two months with no signs of an outbreak and also the discolouration marks on the skin are barely visable. All in all she is a much brighter child and has her 'sparkle' back.Kishan absolutely has magic hands, and we recommend him to Everybody.Kishan we cant thank you enough, Ava will be eternally grateful.Thank you. Xxxx

Abdominal Growth gone within 2 weeks after Psychic Surgery

Three years ago I started to develop a number of medical ailments, which became more serious when I was diagnosed with problems of my Pancreas and Adrenal gland.I was also on a number of medications, totalling to around ten tablets per day.A very good friend of mine introduced me to Kishan and his Homeopathic treatments and Psychic Surgery so I travelled a long distance to see him, Kishan  has increased the quality of my life tremendously.Having worked closely with Consultants in the medical field most of my life, this has been some what a revelation to me.Within a year of my consultation with Kishan, I had a rescan of my Pelvis and there was a massive improvement of my Pancreas and Adrenal gland, and my medication had been reduced from ten a day to four tablets per day.Recently, I had a scan of my Abdomen and it revealed that I had a growth in my transverse colon and I needed a colonoscopy to investigate it further.I contacted Kishan and he asked me to book an appointment to see him asap which I promptly arranged before the investigation. I was given Psychic Surgery and a course of Homeopathic medication for a month.The Psychic Surgery I had was very moving and I could really fell It working inside me.Two weeks later the medical procedure was performed and the growth could not be found which baffled the consultant, who then sent for a second consultant for another look.Thanks Kishan and your good work.update Jan 2018;Confused Drs ordered another colonoscopy and another CT Scan .Consultant phoned and gave all clear -No tumours can be found after the other tests to find them. 

''Finding Kishan''

''Finding Kishan''I want the world to know that on finding Kishan, my life changed.It was time; -my friends in the 'spirit realm' decided to 'find Kishan' for me.How did they do this you may ask,?..never mind that for the moment, but now that I have found him my life is so different.I had been diagnosed with a life threatening, serious heart condition and have suffered leaving me feeling vulnerable and ill, I also had an eye condition plus vertigo for several years.All these conditions were mixed together, it being difficult to distinguish the one from the others.Living with a sense of spaced out-ness and not quite fully in my body, had become part of my life bringing about lack of confidence to.However, Since I found Kishan everything's changed.I have been having healing from him for three months now, but when first I lay on the treatment table for the 'Psychic Surgery' I was aware of my heart being massaged. it was a physical feeling, as if Kishan had reached in and taken my vulnerable and sick heart and soothed it; telling it to be calm, as he, somehow weaved a spiritual healing tincture into it's fibre. This continued for 1 week, I immediately began feeling so much better in every way. My heart ceased it's troubled booming and fluttering and surprisingly I was soon to be told, that my chronic 'left bundle branch block' condition could now, not be picked up on the ECG report. To add to this I've felt stronger each day and my eyesight, although not being perfect, is so much improved too. Overall, I am feeling stronger and healthier on every front. I am not breathless on exertion any more and actually ran up 40 steps without giving it a thought, only last week!I feel like I'm whole again, not dizzy spaced out or lacking in confidence as I was.My Spirit friends led me to Kishan there being no question that he was revealed to me at every turn.On being diagnosed with my cardiac conditions of many years the 'left bundle branch block' and myopathy, my cardiologists said there was no cure with my long history.I had telephoned a colleague to explain to her what had happened and she told me that she had been having psychic surgery and suggesting that I find someone in my vicinity and do the same, as her condition was identical to mine and that she felt so much better because of it. The following day, I had a visit from a friend, who is, herself, a Crystal Healer. We sat and chatted over coffee and then she dug into her pocket and brought out Kishan's card, telling me that she had been in a health shop on the previous day and had met a man who when asked gave her his card. She in turn, just by chance passed it onto me. Spirit certainly had everything well in hand as they pointed me to him and now I have found him.. At last, thank you spirit realm for directing me to the pathway along which I found Kishan.

by Debbie on Kishan’s Clinic
A new lease of life

I have been suffering with many ailments over a period of 40 years and tried many things to improve my health but nothing seemed to work so when my daughter read one of Kishan's reviews and suggested I try it I was very sceptical but agreed to make an appointment just to placate her. It was the best decision I've ever made. After only 4 weeks there has been significant improvement in my whole being and am really looking forward to more sessions with Kishan. For me a small miracle has already happened, I was born with a lazy eye  and have only ever been able to see large blobs from it but after The Psychic Surgery with Kishan I was able to distinguish shapes on a face such as eyes, nose and mouth. All my fears of going blind should I lose sight in my good eye have now been alleviated as every day my lazy eye shows more signs of sight. I can't thank Kishan enough for what he has done already and can't wait to see what else can be achieved over the coming months.

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