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Kishan’s Clinic
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by Declan Norris-Bell on Kishan’s Clinic

I have visited Kishan a few times now and he never fails to impress.
I have suffered with hay fever allergies for years and when summer arrives I dread the itchy through, burning eyes and violent sneezes. I was willing to try something new and perhaps find a permanent solution to the issue.
Kishan offered me a remedy and to my amazement the symptoms have gone. As in, I literally do not have symptoms at all!

I would highly recommend hay fever sufferers to go and visit Kishan for a more long term and effective solution to allergies.

Thank you so much.

by Adriana on Kishan’s Clinic
ADHD, hyperactive, aggressive underweight 9 year old

My son Shaun meet Kishan 2 months ago.

Shaun has always had extreme behaviour issues ADHD, hyperactivity at its worst, the constant need for attention, anger issues (which have cause problems in school), diet issues where he won’t try new things and as a result not gained weight.

Amongst all that he was afraid to go to sleep due to constant nightmares he had at night.

After seeing Kishan and taking the first dose of Homeopathy, Shaun has not just Calmed down over night but his aggressive, frustrated and hyperactive state completely disappeared. His tip toe walking is little to non now.

He is speaking clear and thinking in a more balanced productive manner.

He has dramatically gained weight and changed so much it’s has brought tears to my eyes when he sits and smiles helping me through this isolation time which I was dreading more for these reasons.

I am so happy that I found Kishan to help Us, I can see the miraculous changes in Shaun’s behaviour unfold every day. And I’m finding it such a pleasure to be with my child.


Translated Slovakian

Môj syn Shaun sa stretol s Kishanom pred 2 mesiacmi.

Shaun mal vždy extrémne problémy s správaním, ADHD, hyperaktivitu v najhoršom prípade, neustálu potrebu pozornosti, problémy s hnevom (ktoré spôsobujú problémy v škole), problémy so stravovaním, pri ktorých nebude skúšať nové veci a v dôsledku toho nebude priberať na váhe.

Okrem toho sa bál ísť spať kvôli nočným morám, ktoré mal v noci.

Keď Shaun videl Kishana a vzal si prvú dávku homeopatie, nielenže sa v noci upokojil, ale jeho agresívny, frustrovaný a hyperaktívny stav úplne zmizol. Jeho chôdza s špičkou na špičke je teraz málo.

Hovorí jasne a myslí vyváženejším produktívnym spôsobom.

Dramaticky priberal na váhe a natoľko zmenil, že mi v očiach priniesol slzy, keď mi sedel a usmial sa, čo mi pomohlo v tomto čase izolácie, ktorý som sa z týchto dôvodov viac obával.

Som tak šťastný, že som zistil, že Kishan nám pomáha, že každý deň vidím zázračné zmeny v správaní Shauna. A považujem za také potešenie byť so svojím dieťaťom


by Adriana on Kishan’s Clinic
Healing for my Mother in Slovakia

My Mum met Kishan through me, Kishan has just helped my son with behaviour and concentration issues, here in Newport.

My mother has suffered for many years, with stomach, and abdominal issues she’s lately become weakness and depressed. She asked for advice and any help.
Kishan offered her a consultation and Psychic Surgery (distant healing) via Skype or whatapp-which is what he has done for decades.

My Mother has never had any healing of any kind before so not sure what was going to happen. Also she’s in Slovakia that over 1271 miles away. I couldn’t really imagine this working. But Kishan explained the best way to set up the iPad and phone so he could see and hear her for the consultation. He asked to look at the palm of her hand and then it was like he knew everything about her.
He told her to lye down after the consultation and take 3 deep breaths and then close her eyes. This was during the day.
And I was to make sure that she knew not to be disturbed. After consulting I had to switch off the phone and have no contact till she contacted me. She phoned after 1 hour and this is what she said translated;
It was an indescribable experience, she felt air blowing out from one ear and buzzing in the other then crawling all over her body which frighten her a bit but the she felt a huge shift out of her stomach and felt such relief.
(She then strangely fell asleep for over an hour before contacting me). After the healing she felt better and her pain was unnoticeable her weakness was less and she ate and has been able to sleep she is happier in herself and improving since the last 48 hours since healing.
Thank you for this amazing and good energy and all your help.

by sid on Kishan’s Clinic
Distant healing nearly 7.000 miles away

I was coaxed into booking a distance healing by my sister who had had a few distance sessions herself and felt so much better in the process. She forwarded me Kishan's number and we got talking after I introduced myself and proceeded to tell him about my ailments. I am from Africa and it was initially intrigued how distance healing could be applied from such great a distance without the patient being there personally. My issues were a nagging sciatic nerve for which I had numerous treatments from a physiotherapist and a Kinesiologist, all to no avail. Four weeks ago I also had a very bad fall in the bathroom where I slipped and in the process, hit my right shoulder really hard on the commode. the pain was excruciating but fortunately an x-ray showed that I did not have any broken bones . However the fall had caused a soft tissue injury and had also affected my ribs from the back from the impact. Fast forward-after speaking with Kishan he alleviated my concerns and then booked me for the healing. I was really impressed by his prompt replies and answers to my queries. So far I have had three healing session. During the second and third sessions I felt a deep energy travelling up and down in my injured ribs and also felt an ache. In all honesty I was just so pleased! My shoulder pain had reduced by a huge percentage and my sciatica is getting better as well. I intend to continue with more sessions as I feel that they have made a huge difference to the way I feel. Kishan is amazing, the very next day he wrote me a very long text stating where exactly he had focused his healing on. He had cleared blocked up my head and also blockages in my throat area. Kishan told me about things that he had sensed in whilst healing that simply blew me away! How could someone , thousands of miles away, sense what my internal issues were?? What can I say, you are very gifted and I am so very glad that I crossed your path. I hope to get better completely, thank you Kishan, you are appreciated!

by Sarah G on Kishan’s Clinic
Anxiety treatment before/after Covid19 Virus

I am a full time Nurse, I was lucky to get an appointment with Kishan just before lockdown as my anxiety was through the roof, I had not eaten for days lost weight and my OCD was off the scales during this difficult time, I’d not slept and was off sick from work.
Kishan watched me for a few minutes then gave me some homeopathy on my tongue which calmed me down within 2 min, I still can’t understand how that is possible.

He then after the consultation gave me a healing (now this is something I’m still trying to process as I write this weeks later).  Kishan not once actually touched me during the Healing, but I could feel things being moving around in my head and stomach also I felt pressure and things shifting inside my body.

The healing time felt like hours- but on reflection was actually 7 minutes! When Kishan finished I opened my eyes He smiled and said “all gone”?
I felt from that time and to this day, every thought I had of fear, anxiety, death contamination and terror just not there anymore. I can not- nore do I profess to understand how Kishan works, Perhaps I will never understand and actually it’s really not important.
Kishan explained that 40% of his testimonials are from people and animals he has sent distant ( remote) healing to, and he’s never physically met them, so consultations are via phone/video and picture requested, then meds are sent and psychic surgery’s done remotely after the Consultations Kishan also gave me a combination of homeopathy drops for what he explained was coming in terms of the virus to help provide and achieve  Immunocompetence during this time.

I felt hungry straight after the healing and told Kishan, I was going back to work and did, I contracted Covid 19 in work, spoke to Kishan and the symptom’s were days (like Prince Charles duration) rather than weeks (unlike my work colleagues in hospital who are all recovering but taking a bit longer as you would with a virus). Looking back now I'm better than I’ve been in a while.
Thank you Kishan, words can never express all you do for your patients including the hospital staff.

by M. Hansie on Kishan’s Clinic
Distant healing-wheezing,, prolonged Cough, burning in chest and lethargy.

I am writing this testimonial regarding a distance healing session I had with the very gifted Kishan. My issue started off a few weeks ago-I was diagnosed with Esophagitis with acid reflux which caused wheezing (asthma like symptoms) and coughing accompanied with a very tight chest. I have never had these issues before and I have been told that they are very much symptoms that co-exist with issues such as mine. Much as I would have liked a 1:1 healing with Kishan unfortunately that was just not possible as I live in another city altogether and travelling far was just not feasible. I texted Kishan and requested him to send me a distance healing which he very kindly agreed to do despite his busy schedule. Mind you, I had also been prescribed medication to reduce the inflammation in my esophagus but there was nothing that could be done for my wheezing, cough, burning and tightness in my chest going on for weeks.

Prior to my distance healing session, Kishan called me up and asked me several questions pertaining to my problems after which I settled down in my room on my bed. Kishan started my healing as soon as we disconnected the call. I felt powerful surges of energy running through my head and my whole body which caused mini jolts, it was very powerful indeed!

Kishan had mentioned that I would automatically know when the session would be over, I certainly did! Mine took approximately 15 minutes but he did point out that it varies with every patient. I slept very well after my distance healing.

The next morning I was amazed at how light I felt. My tightness and discomfort in my chest had completely disappeared and I wasn't wheezing ! I immediately texted Kishan to let him know and all he wrote back was, 'excellent'. Kishan, you have no airs about your gift and are so nonchalant about what you do. As I write this testimonial, I have stopped wheezing, coughing and also the burning and tightness in chest has disappeared.

I used to feel that healing can only be effective on a one to one basis but that is definitely not the case. Healing can take place from a distance and make a massive difference in how one feels. Kishan is extremely empathetic and despite his busy schedule he takes time to contact his patients and enquires about how they are feeling. I personally feel that that is a beautiful quality to have as that shows how much he cares about the people he helps to get better. He is also nonjudgmental and does not put you in a position where you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

I can only say that anyone can be healed and no one does it better than Kishan!

Thank you Kishan.

by Pat Glynn on Kishan’s Clinic
Calming wonderful Kishan

I was recommended to Kishan by a very good friend. I had panic attacks due to a history of falls where I lost my confidence, I was very anxious and my balance was not good. After the first appointment I improved during the month being less anxious and no panic attacks and generally walking better. The next appointment I had Kishan did a healing due to my old spinal fractures which had caused pain and discomfort during mobility, the healing a healing helped immediately my back and left knee and the anxiety and panic attacks continued to improve at the last meeting with Kishan I had another healing with homeopathy again which I found so calming and relaxing, much to my surprise I’ve only seen Kishan a few times and was discharged.

I would not hesitate to go back to the magic of a Kishan if and when I need to.

by Ashleigh on Kishan’s Clinic

I decided to have sessions due to my anxiety and short temper. I would get extremely nervous about the smallest situations like driving and meeting new people. I would also lose my temper so easily in situations, again like driving. After a couple of sessions I have managed to get over my fear and anxieties of driving to new places and meeting new people. Just today I was in a situation where I had to attend a meeting on my own with people i’ve never met and I carried it out with the most confidence i’ve ever had. I have managed to stick to a gym plan whereas I would always talk myself out of going to the gym. Overall, I know I have some room for improvement but I have been taught how to get to where I need. On top of that, Kishan is one of the kindest people I have ever met and he made me feel so comfortable. This is a massive deal for me as I am also getting over the trauma of being sexually abused my a male school teacher. I normally get very uncomfortable around men but Kishan instantly made me feel at ease. I recommend anyone who is suffering to get in contact with him. .

by Lowri Jones on Kishan’s Clinic

Hi, I'm Lowri Jones, a 16 year old girl from Blaenau Gwent, and this is my review on the wonderful Kishan Takahashi.

I previously found out about Kishan as my dad is a paramedic and knew him from work. I suffered years with water infections and have been symptomatic of them for a long while, but I suffered worse with my menstrual cycle (very heavy bleeding, excruciating pain that crippled me, anaemia and being rushed into hospital a few times). My first session with Kishan I almost didn't attend because of the amount of pain I was in due to ongoing water infections, but I am so glad I was able to attend because if I hadn't I would have missed out on meeting a genuine, caring and lovely man. When I arrived to my first session we firstly talked about the pain levels, symptoms etc before we got into an actual healing along with being given some Homeopathic remedies ( is never known about before) to take, which I later discovered to be UNBELIEVABLE and faster responding to my symptoms than anything is ever taken !!

After we finished talking he took me to a separate room which was next door and proceeded with a healing,

At one point I just felt a sudden urge to laugh out aloud as I felt he was by my head then heart, my father was in the room to and the Psychic Surgery lasted about 6-8 mins maybe longer, but trust me EVERY SECOND IS A BLESSING.

After the healing was over- Kishan asked me to answer one question- “How is the pain”

The pain was actually gone,  it was magical I couldn't explain it.

I said that I could feel like someone was pulling things and moving things inside my abdominal area, and my father who was looking so surprised and stunned said “ he was literally just doing that I could see”.

I carried on going to see Kishan over some months and honestly, I have not experienced anymore water infections/symptoms or had anymore hospital visits, also I am a lot better, happier, more confident and healthier within myself and I owe it all to Kishan.

Thank you for helping me and thank you for being so truthful and supportive, I will never ever forget you.

by myra on Kishan’s Clinic
kidney pain, cholesterol granuloma headache

I learned about Kishan whilst searching for healers online. I had not been feeling well since many months due to a severe one sided pain under my left ear that caused a severe headache . This was not a normal headache that I experienced before but a strange throbbing one which only dissipated for a few hours when I took my medication. This was a headache that was caused by a growth in the base of my skull known as a Cholesterol Granuloma Not only my headache, I had also been experiencing an ache in my left kidney since the past 7 months. I underwent x-rays and a urine test but they were all clear. The ache would be more pronounced during the nights when I was in bed. When there is no cause it is normal to worry because your body is trying to tell you that something is not quite right despite what the results are telling you. I searched for several healers , read all the testimonials and booked myself with a well known healer who had a website that is full of testimonials. I had 4 sessions with her regarding my headaches and the kidney ache. I didn't experience any relief whatsoever and was really disappointed as it was a loss of both money and time. However I did not give up on looking for alternative healing as pain relief medication was only providing temporary relief. Kishan appeared to be someone who was really empathetic, kind and genuinely concerned about his patients/clients. I was also impressed by the fact that he had very many years of experience working in a busy hospital as a nurse. I felt that this experience meant that he was knowledgeable with any medical terminology that i would use especially when talking about my Cholesterol Granuloma. I contacted Kishan via Whatsapp and he replied after an hours time. We exchanged information and Kishan was kind enough to book me for a healing session for both my ailments . He asked me to prepare for my session which I did. During my session I felt a powerful surge of energy in my chakras and felt my body growing hot. It's indescribable! I never felt this kind of experience with the first healer. It was just brilliant. Over the next two days my headaches continued as did my kidney ache. On the third day there was no pain at all!! My kidney pain had disappeared and so did my headache on the left side. Mind you, I was told by my neurologist that I would experience headaches till the time they would drain out the growth (benign) in the base of the skull. I am so very happy that I have no pain at all. I do not know how to thank Kishan, he is so gifted and truly magical, I have no words. It's a huge relief to be pain free and I have only Kishan to thank for. God bless you Kishan , please continue with your good work, you are so appreciated!

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